10 Instagram Accounts Every Bibliophile Should Follow

From rare vintage books to breathtaking libraries to eye-catching book covers, here are the Instagram accounts every bibliophile should be following.

1. @biblioteche_librarylover 

Dedicated to the world’s most incredible and extraordinary libraries, this new account (the first post was made on October 3) is guaranteed to amaze. Each post includes a description of the featured library’s history and cultural significance, written mostly in Italian but there are some English entries as well. Aside from centuries-old libraries like the magnificent Admont Abbey Library in Austria, this account also covers more modern structures like the otherworldly Tianjin Library in China. 

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2. @foldedpagesdistillery

Taking the art of tabletop photography to a new level, account creator Hikari assembles stunning compositions centered around the books she has read. Using a variety of beautiful props, flowers, and everyday objects to style her tableaus, she also includes a brief synopsis and review of each title in every post. Her gorgeous layouts have a rich, curated look that seems tailor-made for a magazine or website editorial. 

3. @wanderlustbookclub

Combining the worlds of travel and books, this account reposts images of some of the most unusual, picturesque, and iconic bookshops and libraries from around the globe. Practically every type of book collection or bookseller is featured here. You’ll see spectacular historical libraries like the Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève in France next to landmark bookshops like San Francisco’s beloved City Lights Books. There are also dozens of pictures of cozy, obscure bookshops that are guaranteed to charm and delight you.

4. @_bookcovers

“Judging books by the cover” is how this account aptly describes itself. And yes, every post here is dedicated to a noteworthy book cover. Bibliophiles who are aficionados of graphic design will appreciate the vast styles presented here, from minimalist, typeface-oriented covers such as the design for Inger Christensen’s LJUS to the lush, darkly romantic artwork for Patrick Susskind’s Perfume: The Story of A Murderer

5. @dustybooksandprints

As its name implies, this account is dedicated to rare, old books and the atmospheric bookshops that sell them. As of this writing, the account boasts more than 450 images of beautiful hardbound tomes and endless shelves of leather-bound titles sourced from various online sites. Aficionados of all things old will find much to love in this marvelous collection of beautiful photos.

6. @bookcasedesigns

Any bibliophile will tell you that a well-loved, curated book collection needs to have its own place of honor. This account is a trove of unique, unusual, even thought-provokingly-designed bookcases, shelves, and bookends for storing, organizing, or displaying the printed word. The focus here is on contemporary and modern statement-making pieces that are creative, witty, and stylish. Some standout pieces include the AKKOSET alphabet bookcase by Lincoln Kayiwa, the swooping digitally fabricated bookshelf by dbd Studio, and the whimsical Tree Bookshelf by Shawn So.

7. @booksugar

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading!” wrote Jane Austen in Pride and Prejudice. You can clearly see the joy that account creator Maria derives from her favorite books and authors. Her photographs of new and old classics are crisp, clean, and bright. She also favors color-coordinating and sticking to a theme (check out her well-organized bookshelves!); this practice gives her images a cohesive, unfussy look that’s pleasing to the eye. An avid collector of multiple editions, Maria selects tomes not just for their literary significance, but also for their exquisite aesthetics.

8. @subwaybookreview

Looking for a book recommendation? Let these intrepid subway-riding booklovers of New York City give you the scoop on what they’re reading. Subway Book Review has been called the “social media movement that’s a new way to discover books, places, and people” and is the brainchild of Uli Beutter Cohen who also interviews celebrities like comedienne Casey Wilson (Happy Endings, Black Monday) for her Live videos on Instagram. If you’re more interested in what regular people (not professional book critics) have to say about a book, this is the account for you. 

9. @i_bibliotaph

For those whose aesthetic leans toward the dark side, this account teems with moody images of tomes, shops, pages, and other book-related paraphernalia bearing a distinctive Gothic edge. There are over 1000 posts to peruse as of this writing, so lock the door, dim the lights, and settle in for some chilling literary fun.

10. @coolpeoplereading

Oprah Winfrey. Pablo Picasso. Audrey Hepburn. Bruce Lee. Queen Elizabeth II. David Bowie. Frida Kahlo. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. These are just some of the “cool” people captured with a book in this fascinating collection of photos and artwork (all in black-and-white) from different periods in history. Aside from celebrities, artists, athletes, and heads of state, the gallery also includes loveable characters like Sesame Street’s Big Bird and Peanuts’ Charlie Brown. Follow this account and let these big names inspire you to pick up a good book. 

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