Sex And The City and the 10 Luxury Brands They Mentioned Most

The much anticipated return of one of the most successful HBO shows reminds us of its penchant for iconic pieces from fashion’s most luxurious brands.

While Samantha Jones will surely be missed, life goes on for Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes in the upcoming sequel series of the well-loved Sex and the City, as it hits HBO Max soon. Aside from the show’s amazing depiction of New York City—from iconic locations to famous personalities, one of the many reasons why viewers were kept glued at their television sets was the show’s incredible fashion moments. Thankfully, Carrie and the rest of the girls ensure that we are kept in the know of what brands they’re wearing and what pieces are in season through tight shots and brand mentions. Here are the top ten most mentioned luxury brands in the show’s six-season run and some of the most iconic pieces from these fashion houses.

10. Versace

In one of Sex and the City‘s finale episodes, we see the deterioration of Carrie’s relationship with Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky, whose relentless pursuit of our show protagonist doesn’t end well. The Atelier Versace dress she wore in one particular episode was so over-the-top, it covered the entire bed, where she cried herself to sleep waiting for her beau. The $80,000 dress was the most expensive dress she wore on the show, Sex and the City Costume Designer Patricia Clark’s favorite piece the show’s entire run. 

Sex and the city
How the dress captured the drama of the scene was nothing short of magical.

9. Tiffany & Co.

Of course, weddings are considered major fashion events in Sex and the City’s history (with Carrie’s unforgettable Vivienne Westwood bridal gown on top of our minds), and Tiffany & Co. surely gets a lot of mention. The most memorable scene involving the American luxury jeweler is when Trey MacDougal makes up for his “All righty” response to Charlotte York’s proposal. Trey and Charlotte end up in front of the luxury house where they look for “the most beautiful engagement ring they have.” She ends up with a 2.17-carat diamond ring.

Sex and the city
It may not have been a happy ending for Trey and Charlotte, but she eventually found marital bliss.

8. Ralph Lauren

Who can forget this fashionable outfit from Ralph Lauren on the first Sex and the City movie? Paired with Manolo Blahnik Tegna Patent Mary Jane Pumps, an expensive Verdura Target Brooch, and a Judith Leiber Austrian Crystal Beaded Clutch, this cute ensemble perfectly describes Carrie’s personality—fun, feminine, and very New York City.

Sex and the city
Editorial chic for our favorite writer.

7. Dior

While Kim Kardashian made headlines wearing this famous piece made by John Galliano for Christian Dior, it was Carrie Bradshaw in 2000 who made this chic dress an iconic fashion moment in the hit TV series. With art imitating life, Carrie apologizes to Natasha for sleeping with her then-husband Big, making us all utter “Scandale!” in unison.

Making headlines in the fashion world and in the streets of New York City.

6. Fendi

What people call the first It-bag showcased in Sex and the City, the Fendi’s baguette bag has made more than one appearance in the show. With more than 1000 versions of the silhouette created since its inception, it’s not surprising to see someone as stylish as Carrie carrying one on her shoulder. In the 3rd season, Carrie ends up getting lost and finds herself getting robbed on the street. But not before reminding her robber that it’s not a bag, “It’s a Baguette.”

Sex and the city
Reminding everyone that it’s no ordinary bag–it’s a baguette!

5. Gucci

How many of us gasped as Carrie sashayed the streets wearing a Gucci fanny pack? Truly a groundbreaking fashion moment, it caught the eye of many publications who sought to capture Carrie’s signature looks, further cementing her place as one of most fashionable icons.

All eyes on Carrie as she dons this stylish ensemble.

4. Chanel

Another mainstay brand in the series, Chanel, made its way to the show through bags, accessories, and dresses worn by the four leads. And regardless of the varying personalities of each lead, the luxury fashion brand ensures that each piece perfectly complements its wearer—like this hot pink bag with Carrie.

Pretty in pink and chic in Chanel.

3. Dolce & Gabbana

Everyone remembers this Dolce & Gabbana Hand-Painted Floral Corset Evening Dress Gown Carrie fitted in the fourth season of the show. And while German model Heidi Klum ends up wearing the piece in the end, we still cannot forget for gorgeous Carrie looked in it. Also memorable in this episode: Carrie falling on the runway and Heidi stepping over her with Stanford screaming, “Oh my God, she’s fashion roadkill!”

The runway may not have been ready for Carrie, but she did make quite a statement!

2. Prada

Prada does make a lot of appearances in the show. One of the most memorable looks is this lipstick skirt worn by Charlotte (which Kristin Davis got to keep after). Carrie also wore a black and white Prada skirt which she paired with a floral print Marni jacket, a cropped top, and heels.

Charlotte York’s Prada skirt was a fun, quirky reflection of her personality.

1. Manolo Blahnik

Of Carrie’s many loves in the show, her love affair with shoes is something every viewer who followed Sex in the City is familiar with. This blue satin and brooch bejewelled Hangisi Manolo Blahnik pump tops the list of her Manolo Blahniks, being Big’s “engagement ring” that ultimately sealed the deal. And with the iconic heels having been there in the most pivotal moments of her life, the brand clearly tops the list of brand mentions in the show.

Walking down the aisle in her own terms–in Manolo Blahniks, of course!

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