2022 PH Election: How This Fashion Director Would Dress the Presidential Candidates - The Scene

Mega’s Ryuji Shiomitsu shares his take on some of the presidentiables wardrobe choices and how fashion can convey personal attributes.

Since February 8, the campaign season for the national elections has progressed. The campaign trails mean traveling all over the Philippines for televised interviews, forums, rallies, and public appearances for the presidential aspirants.

As they go through their campaign trails, the candidates verbalize their plans if given the country’s top post. However, communication goes beyond words but how they present themselves with what they wear as well.

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“Fashion functions as a mirror to our times, so it is inherently political. For political candidates in any election, Fashion plays a crucial role in imparting messages that might seem unspoken,” says Ryuji Shiomitsu. “For example, are you a perfectionist? Are you a pragmatist? Are you extravagant? Are you rigid? These unspoken qualities are [shown] and reflected on your fashion choices.”

Fashion communicates

Mega’s newest fashion director adds that getting dressed with purpose in mind is different from making typical style choices. “Purposeful dressing is vital, especially if you want to connect and convey the message of competency, authority, transparency, and accountability to the voters,” he explains. 

According to the top stylist, who has dressed celebrities like Kim Chiu, Nadine Lustre, and Bea Alonzo, there are points they should hit when dressing. The key points are to aspire for perfection, wear well-fitted clothing, and dress to influence. 

If Shiomitsu were to style specific candidates, he shares his opinion on how they can elevate their platforms through their fashion choices. 

He particularly applauds Vice President Leni Robredo, who wears Rhett Eala, for exuding a balance of “softness and toughness.” Although Shiomitsu adds the 56-year-old can widen her utilization of local designers. 

The same advice also goes for Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, who frequents casual collared tops and Adidas Original sneakers. Shiomitsu says given Moreno’s laid-back demeanor, he can try more formal silhouettes to appear more reliable. 

On the other hand, Sen. Ping Lacson dresses best in terms of looking dependable for the stylist. But he suggests the 73-year-old can tone down his use of checkered print shirts for a more toned-down palette.”Mix and matching in the tonal palette are key with his trendier image,” Shiomitsu says. 

At the same time, Bong Bong Marcos Jr. often wears Collezione, a local high street heritage brand; Shiomitsu shares that Marcos can try better-fit pieces from local designer houses. 

“For Sen. Manny Pacquiao, his wardrobe is that of a pragmatist. He relies heavily on repetition and habit, and that reflects on his wardrobe choices,” he says. Pacquiao often wears short-sleeved button-downs detailed with the Philippine flag and his “MP” logo stitched on. 

Best dressed

All in all, the fashion directors consider Vice President Robredo and Sen. Pacquiao as the best-dressed candidates so far. Apart from Robredo’s style, he also commends her ample amount of makeup and “overall demeanor.” 

Meanwhile, Shiomitsu points out that Pacquiao’s tailor-made shirt sets are well constructed. “ both convey respect to his constituents and a sense of assurance to persuade and share his platform of governance,” he says. 

Banner photo by rupixen.com on Unsplash

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