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Most of you are accustomed to urban living but you still need a break once in a while and spend some time in nature to recuperate. You go on hikes, take in the scenic views, and camp under the stars. These are moments that you rarely get to enjoy so it’s important to capture them in photographs to preserve the memory.

Taking breathtaking images of nature can be a thrilling experience on its own. Here are 3 tips you can use to take photos that truly capture the beauty of the world:

1.Seek the sunrise, chase the sunset

Sunup and sundown are majestic views on their own but they can also change the way you see things through variations in light. For softer, mellower lighting, you can get up early and catch the first rays of the sun. For warmer and brighter lighting, you can go out during the golden hour and capture the full warmth of the sun in your photos.

2. The little things matter

Aside from the vast landscapes, nature is also rich in small things. As it is often said, “God is in the details.” You can highlight these details to add to the bigger picture of nature in your minds: dewdrops on leaves, patterns in leaves or flowers, and closeups of the lives of insects or small animals.

3. Capture the moment

You may not always be able to lug your camera around but because of today’s technology mobile phones are now equipped with a camera that can capture the beauty of nature in vivid color and perfect clarity. The Vivo V11 has a Dual Rear camera equipped with 5MP and 12MP rear lenses that have 24 million photosensitive units that pick up a wide range of colors and create digital outputs with true-to-life hues.

Make every moment outdoors memorable. Show every beautiful detail of the world through stunning photos that will make Mother Earth proud.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit their website or check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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