3 Things That Make Henann Prime Resort an Ideal Boracay Getaway Spot -

The crystal blue ocean view at the Henann Prime Resort is only one reason to return to the luxury hotel group’s latest property in Boracay. Sunbathing beds are placed on the white sand beach that faces a horizon fit for the pages of an Ernest Hemingway novel. A mango shake is best enjoyed under a large umbrella, where a personal masseuse helps put you in complete relaxation. This is a typical afternoon at the newest luxury retreat, where rest and carefree living is considered the top priority.

An attentive staff is ready to collect your baggage at the docks before a private boat ride to the island. When getting off the sea vessel, a short drive from Henann’s private port to the hotel lobby in Station 1 gives guests the opportunity to observe the vibrant Boracay life that surrounds them. After a seamless check-in and a cool welcome drink, suites are readily available for freshening up before a long day by the beach.

The Adobo Pizza is a Filipino twist on the classic Italian favorite
The Adobo Pizza is a Filipino twist on the classic Italian favorite

Dining at Seasalt is Top Notch 

Those seeking for refreshments and good eats can make their way to Seasalt, the hotel’s signature restaurant facing the prime beachfront. The sprawling space is filled with multiple tables, fittingly placed far apart for maximum privacy. Modern fixtures like artistically designed ceiling fans give the restaurant an edgy look. Its convenient location by the main recreation area makes it a favorite spot within the property.

Food options at eatery vary from savory main dishes to snacks that are ideal for a seaside holiday. Appropriately named Seasalt, it is no surprise to discover that the seafood dishes at the outlet are easy favorites. A tender salmon dish is the best seller and is a healthy choice before hitting the water. The Uni Pasta is a richer alternative for those willing to indulge before getting into their bikinis. The Panay Pizza is a twist on the popular Italian dish, adding shrimp and anchovies suitable for seaside dining.

The resort sits on prime, white sand beaches at Boracay's Station 1
The resort sits on prime, white sand beaches at Boracay’s Station 1

Lazy Afternoons Before Happy Hour 

Napping by the shore is a favorite past time for hotel guests. Large umbrellas shade the hotel’s sun beds for a comfortable afternoon in and out of snoozes. Upon request, a personal masseuse is ready to help you drift into pure relaxation. Expert therapists performing firm massages put the body in complete shutdown mode, making long hours drift by seamlessly. It helps achieve a Zen state of mind, difficult to accomplish in the bustle of Manila’s city streets.

Fresh fruit shakes help vacationers stay hydrated in the heat of summer. Beverages at Henann Prime Resort are served in traditional cocktail glasses that look appealing and classic. A mango shake (or one of the many numerous shake options) is suggested to help set the tropical mood. When the sun becomes golden in the afternoon, cocktail zingers are a must. The classic martini is refreshing with a generous amount of gin and olive juice, while off-the-menu options, like an Amaretto Sour, is ready upon request.

A live band playing memorable tunes during Happy Hour invites hotel guests to participate in impromptu sing-alongs. Those who can muster enough courage can go on the stage and perform their own rendition of their favorite Frank Sinatra tune. With enough liquid confidence, cocktail hour becomes an entertaining show, where being off-key is never an issue.

Premier Pool rooms on the first floor allows guests to jump into pools straight from their bedroom
Premier Pool rooms on the first floor allows guests to jump into pools straight from their bedroom

Deep Sleeps and a Pool Outside Your Window

Evenings in are recommended when staying at the resort. Quiet neighbors in the adjacent suites respect privacy and demand it in return. Every room is equipped with a large tub, ideal for a warm bubble bath before bed. Crawling into the soft linens of a king sized bed is made better when wearing nothing but a soft, cotton bathrobe. The experience is enhanced further, after discovering the television set is equipped with NETFLIX and a USB cable that can play hard drives loaded with film favorites. A sinful treat before bed is possible when ordering room service from the kitchen. Cold nights in the hotel suites are just as delightful as hot afternoons by the shore.

When daylight breaks, the familiar sounds of Boracay can be heard outside the bedroom window. Waves hitting the shore, flocking birds and the laughter of those enjoying the facility are a comfort to the ears. In several suites, a long swimming pool is located right outside the bedroom window. Fresh from slumber, one can jump into these exclusive springs for a refreshing, early morning swim. It is another day of sun, wind, sand and Seasalt.



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