Red Rock Island In San Francisco Bay On Sale For $25 Million

The Red Rock Island in San Francisco Bay readies itself for its owner. The property boasts an empty island with earthy hues and has been put up on sale for $25 million.

Christie’s International Real Estate posted San Francisco Bay’s Red Rock Island for sale for $25 million. The future owner gets an absolutely empty island with nothing but scenery and panoramic views. However, they get to envision their dream island life. 

Mansion Global reported that Red Rock spans about 6 acres and is in close proximity to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. 

Brock Durning said that one could put a big beautiful house on top of the domed land mass. Durning’s family owned the island for decades.

Listing agent of Christie’s International Real Estate Chris Lim said that the island is accessible through boat or a helicopter. It is also a local landmark. Lim added that the island is zoned for residential use but is unclear on how many homes it can accommodate.

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Naturally beautiful and historically significant

Christie’s narrated on its site that it is a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to own the island. The property highlights its unrivaled natural beauty and historical significance.

The bare island gives off endless potential for a discerning buyer that would seek a trophy investment. After all, who wouldn’t want to live on an island close to the city and surrounded with picturesque views of the San Francisco Bay?

The Red Rock Island is for sale for $25 million
The Red Rock Island is for sale for $25 million/Photo via Red Rock Island’s official website

Red Rock is the one and only island in the city.

First time officially being offered

Mansion Global reported further that the island was used as a site for mining manganese in the 19th century which gave off its reddish color. 

Durning said that the island has unofficially been on sale over the years. Prices back then ranged from $5 million to $22 million. This is the first time the property is being offered on local multiple listing services.

He added that attempts to conserve the island or build development on it like a hotel or residence have been made but nothing happened.

The views on Red Rock Island
The views on Red Rock Island/Photo via Red Rock Island’s official website

Red Rock is “part of the family”

The property includes a sandy beach on either side of the island and a rocky shoreline on its south and west sides. Christie’s Lim said that the trails lead to the grassy top of the island with rubberized piers on one side. 

Durning reminisced that he and his family used Red Rock Island for camping, hiking, and fishing. “It was always part of the family, like a vacation house,” he said.

His dad owned the island when his business partner David Glickman gave it to him. Glickman purchased the vacant island for under $50,000 in the 1960s. Durner inherited the island when his father died in 2012.

The city can be seen from the island
The city can be seen from the island/Photo via Red Rock Island’s official website

Red Rock Island has unspoiled beaches and mesmerizing sceneries which can turn into something worthwhile in the right hands. There may be no electricity nor running water yet, but who knows? The right buyer just might turn things around.

Banner photo via Red Rock Island’s official website.

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