5 Rules to Follow When You’re on Self-Quarantine - The Scene

So what happens now if the doctor asks you to quarantine?

With the metro imposing less curbing measures at the moment, meeting up with friends has now become possible. And thanks to the availability of rapid testing methods, finding out whether you are imposing a risk to people who you interact with has become a visit to a medical practitioner away. But if for some reason, the test turns out positive, a responsible citizen should follow the doctor’s orders and if, advised, stay home to impose strict self-quarantine measures. Even if you are doing it as a travel protocol or in your own volition, the strict implementation of self-quarantines is necessary for its effective safety benefits. And while staying at home and avoiding human interaction are, of course, top priorities, here is a list of additional guidelines you need to follow.

Self-Quarantine Rule # 1: Clean all high-touch surfaces frequently and regularly.

With the abundance of scientific studies about the global pandemic, professionals, and even the internet, provide a plethora of information to educate yourself. Yet, the conflicting theories and statements regarding its lifespan on surfaces can be confusing. And for some, too highfalutin. In any case, those in quarantine are advised to increase the frequency of cleaning high-touch surfaces, avoid sharing personal household items to prevent further spread of the disease, and limit movement at home by designating areas. 

High-touch items are also important: mobile phones, eye wear, your laptop, and the television switch.

Self-Quarantine Rule # 2: Make a conscious effort to practice hygiene wherever you are.

Washing hands regularly, covering your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, and always wearing a mask at home prevents body fluids from spreading within your set quarantine area. When ordering food, implement contactless solutions to avoid the spread of the disease. Keep hand cleaning materials within reach, be it sanitizers, alcohol, or wipes. These are proven allies in the war against the unseen enemy. 

Wash your hands thoroughly to achieve maximum benefits.

Self-Quarantine Rule # 3: Don’t forget to take care of your mental health.

Mental and emotional preparedness is vital. Cases of fear, anxiety, and depression have increased throughout the pandemic, and those who are shutting themselves out are more likely to exhibit episodes. Schedule calls with friends to check on you and make itineraries for each day of your quarantine. This will keep you preoccupied and focused on getting yourself safe and better.

The heart and mind are just as important as your body.

Self-Quarantine Rule # 4: Monitor your symptoms regularly.

Keep a thermometer ready and regularly check your temperature. Be aware of your senses while eating as the inability to taste and smell have been identified as symptoms. Practice self-awareness and take notice of anything that feels out of the ordinary, be it a headache or body pains. Make sure to document observations as these will be helpful when you consult a doctor.

Listen to your body and record any significant changes.

Self-Quarantine Rule # 5: Call in advance before making that trip to the doctor.

And in the instance when a professional is needed, inform your doctor or hospital first. First, this will clue them in on whether it is advisable to take that visit or not. Second, this will prepare them to admit you in, considering the number of patients that are infected that they might be seeing as well. And lastly, understanding hospital or clinic protocols is crucial, so you will not be inconvenienced.

Complete and detailed information will help your doctor diagnose your symptoms.

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