7 Online Destinations To Help You Become A Full-Fledged Plant Parent

Now with much time on our hands, here are shops that will help you grow your urban jungle.

How does your garden grow?

Those with green thumbs can attest to the soothing effect gardening can do for them. From sowing seeds to watering seedlings until they mature into full-grown plants, nothing beats the satisfaction from witnessing the fruits of your diligence. While there are those who don’t have an actual space to grow an entire garden in their homes, you can still keep live plants in pots around. Of course, different plants require a varied intensity of care. Thus, it is best to scour through the types of plants that are perfect not only for your home but best fit your needs.

Of course, times are a little bit more constrained and challenging now. So, if you are looking into sprucing up your condo unit or sprawling home with even more foliage to add a sense of oasis-like calm amid everything else that is happening around us, you will want to do your plant and pot shopping online. Here, virtual destinations offer a plethora of choices, including pick up and delivery options to keep after thriving but ultimately, safe.

Scroll below to see where you can get started as a plant parent.

Dwarf Rubber Tree in a black and gold pot. (Photo from Instagram)

Plantarium MNL

From indoor and outdoor plants to garden accessories, Planetarium MNL has made gardening hassle-free. If you are looking for decorative pots, you can choose from their beautiful pastels to their hand-painted ones. Head over to their Instagram, and you will see the occasional but very important tips for new plant parents.

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Golden Pothos. (Photo from Instagram)

Shopleaf Plant Studio

A plant shop wouldn’t be complete without having environment-friendly practices. Shopleaf’s Ecopots come from 100% recycled materials, 80% of which are from single-use plastics found in the ocean. The store extends its advocacy for the environment through the basic plant care guides they post and infographics about their organic formulation that boosts plant growth. They also hold online plant workshops, so make sure to follow them to know when you can sign up for the next one.

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Monstera Deliciosa from Thailand. (Photo from Instagram)

Pagbilan PH

For those living in the south, you can now have the healthiest greens delivered right to your doorstep. The store brings lush greens to Nuvali and Manila areas, and so you wouldn’t have to scour through cities to find your plant babies. You can choose to have your plants come with their signature woven basket, its brown hue creating a clean contrast against the lovely greens.

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Vegepod with hothouse cover. (Photo from Instagram)

Vegepod PH

First introduced in Shark Tank, the American business reality television series, Vegepod is the award-winning self-watering raised garden beds. For those with spaces in their homes, you can now have it delivered through Vegepod PH, its exclusive and only distributor in the Philippines. Coming in different sizes, each with its own self-watering reservoir, the vegepod makes gardening straightforward to do. You may also choose among their stands and trolleys to make moving it around your space easier.

LEFT: monogram on pots. RIGHT: EVE from NPS Line Art Collection. (Photos from Instagram)

Nest Plant Studio

What’s the other best thing about having plants? It’s the way you can have the clay pots and stands customized according to your liking. Be it splashes of tiny, vibrant shapes against a solid color, embossed line art, or embossed letters that spell out your name or a phrase, this studio can do all that for you.

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An avocado plant with Fertile Potting Mix (FPM). (Photo from Instagram)

Gardening Depot

While new to the industry, this Taguig-based store can supply your gardening needs. From potting mixes, vermicasts, to carbonized rice hulls, these organic formulations can enrich your soil and maintain good water retention. After all, caring for your plants is not all about watering, but also nurturing it from the roots.

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Dragon Wing Begonia. (Photo from Instagram)

The Stalk Market PH

Calling themselves the “fairy plant mother,” this store sells only one stock for every design. So, better follow their Instagram now to be updated on their new releases! From variegated sweetheart hoyas to tall purple anthuriums, there are tons of beautiful plants to choose from. Some come in hombre clay pots, a delightful splash of color to your home.

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