A bride-to-bes’ best friend: A guide to wedding dress shopping

Buying your wedding dress is a long, tedious process–but it’ll be worth it. Shopping with a guide can ease every bride-to-bes’ mind!

There’s no doubt that finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the highlights of a bride’s planning. However, it could be challenging due to numerous factors such as the style, the length, and of course, the budget. 

As a bride, the factors to be considered are the following: Is your chosen wedding dress friendly with your pockets? Would the dress highlight your natural beauty as you walk down the aisle? Would it definitely captivate the crowd? 

Fret not, bride-to-bes, because picking your dress is a process–and what do we do with the process? We trust it. 

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Do your research

This should be the first thing that you do when you are about to buy your wedding dress. You can check some celebrity weddings which might give you an idea of a style or a theme to stick with. You can also look into pegs on Pinterest and create a vision board. Wedding magazines can also be a source of inspiration to find your future wedding gown. 

If you know a designer, you can also look into their work and see if you like anything from their past or current collection.

A bespoke wedding gown by designer Francis Libiran
A bespoke wedding gown by designer Francis Libiran/Photo via Instagram @francislibiran and @francislibiran8

Set a budget

While this event is one of the most important days of your life, setting a budget is just as crucial. Will you be paying for your wedding dress on your own or will your mom or anyone from your family help out with it? Determine the particulars before going to the bridal salon of your choice!

Set your negotiables and non-negotiables

Consider your wants and needs on your dress, and your set budget. Decide if you have some wiggle room on the dress style, neck line, and its inclusions. Are you willing to splurge to get what you want, or would you partially compromise your desired gown to fit your expected budget? It’s better to have this settled as soon as you can to save time and energy as you go along.

Pick who you bring in fittings

Yes, this matters as well. Planning a wedding can be hectic, so you’d need all the support you can get. According to Brides.com, narrowing down two to three people would be more than enough as long as their opinions matter to you. Ultimately, the decision is still yours, but it’d be nice to have a consensus among your peers as well.

Attend bridal trunk shows

Trunk shows are chances for the brides to check out a few bespoke creations from their favorite designers! You’ll have a chance to try on gowns of your choice before they are available in the market, or maybe browse through their past collections. 

If you have a designer in mind, it’s best to inquire for slots and appointments before proceeding to their atelier so they can accommodate you better.

One of the bridal gowns in Monique Lhuillier's "Best of" Collection
One of the bridal gowns in Monique Lhuillier’s “Best of” Collection/Photo via moniquelhuillier.com

Choose your bridal salon wisely

This is your special day, so make sure that each decision you make has been carefully thought out, especially your bridal salon! You’ll be with them through every fitting and consulting with them with further embellishments or any adjustments before the big day.

To make sure you’re picking the right boutique, you can always source out opinions from fellow brides, find reviews online, and check their social media websites before setting an appointment to try on and avail your wedding dress.

Get properly measured

The reason why your chosen bridal salon would invite you over for numerous fittings is due to the fact that your gown should be tailored to fit you perfectly. Do not compromise by buying a size larger or smaller to cut back on costs. Brides.com also said that even if you buy something off the rack, you should consider having it altered to fit your body perfectly. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Be open to suggestions

Stylists and designers are there to help you for a reason. They know exactly what would look best on you and what will surely enthrall your groom and your loved ones. Let them know what your wants are and consider their suggestions. Working with your designer as a team would not only establish a trusting relationship, but they would give their absolute best in dressing you in their most enchanting way. 

Commit to the dress

Wedding gowns are expensive investments, therefore, you should be 100% sure about what you pick because that’s it! It would be hard to return a dress, especially if you’re getting a customized one. It’s best to have your options all vetted out before you take your pick and make a final decision.

If you’re really unsure and would like to make further changes, don’t hesitate to ask your designer and see if you’ll be able to work things out. 

A bespoke wedding gown by Michael Cinco
A bespoke wedding gown by Michael Cinco/Photo via Michael Cinco michaelcinco.com

Don’t give in to stress

Enjoy the process. You’ll only get to experience a wedding day once. Have fun and immerse yourself in the process. Remember, if you feel beautiful, confident, and excited when wearing a dress, that’s usually a sign that you’ve chosen well. 

Take deep breaths, clear your mind, and happy wedding dress shopping! 

Banner photo via La Belle Couture labellecouture.com.sg.

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