‘Heritage In Bloom’ Highlights Creations From 3 Filipina Artisans

“Heritage In Bloom” is a collaborative project between three female artisans highlighting Filipino craftsmanship elevated with modern sophistication.

Three esteemed local heritage brands Maison Métisse, Artifeks:, and Kanya held a collaborative exhibit titled Heritage In Bloom last month at the Alliance Française de Manille Gallery. The project aims to highlight our country’s traditional crafts with a touch of refined sophistication. Each brand specializes in a particular product that transforms into beautifully-designed masterpieces.

Kanya’s Bea Roxas, Artifeks:’s Clair Barberis, and Maison Métisse’s Adrienne Charuel joined hands to bring this endeavor to life. Each female artisan showcases their unique expertise, infusing Heritage in Bloom with a diverse array of creative perspectives and craftsmanship. 

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About “Heritage in Bloom”

Heritage in Bloom poetically captures the vibrant resurgence and flourishing of cultural heritage. The exhibit likened our country’s culture to a blooming flower, to which it constantly evolves and is ever dynamic and alive. 

“Heritage is not stagnant or fixed but rather grows, adapts, and thrives over time,” the event conveyed. “It signifies the revitalization and renewal of tradition, celebrating its beauty, richness, and resilience, as it comes into full bloom.”

“Heritage in Bloom” commenced on April 18 at the Alliance Française de Manille Gallery
“Heritage in Bloom” commenced on April 18 at the Alliance Française de Manille Gallery/Photo from Heritage in Bloom’s press release

Each local heritage brand showcased their own meticulous creative process, offering a testament to the flourishing legacy of modern Philippine artistry.

Participating local heritage brands

Maison Métisse, Artifeks:, and Kanya are the local heritage brands behind the exhibition. 

Maison Métisse, headed by Adrienne, is an environmentally conscious luxury brand known for its in-house dye and weaving atelier. Their collection of exquisite clothing and accessories highlight natural Philippine handwoven textiles, eco-friendly botanical dyes, and embroidery. 

Artifeks: is a brand epitomizing luxe craftsmanship with skilled Filipino artisans at the helm. They produce handcrafted objects for one’s home and make use of local and upcycled materials, creating elevated contemporary pieces. Clair is the brand’s creative director.

Kanya, under Bea’s guidance, commits to sustainability through producing bags and home accessories from plant to product. They harvest and spin their own Philippine sugarcane yarns and weave them into textiles that form their beautiful products.

How “Heritage in Bloom” came about

In an exclusive interview with Adrienne, she revealed she first crossed paths with Bea in 2018 when she purchased one of her hand-dyed items at her pop-up. “She introduced me to her sugarcane textile concept, leading to a collaborative dyeing project,” she told Lifestyle Asia

“Around that same time, I met Clair at a tasting event I hosted with my husband. She started her own brand as well. Recognizing our shared vision, I introduced Bea and Clair, and our connection was immediate.” 

Bea Roxas, Adrienne Charuel, and Clair Barberis explain what “Heritage In Bloom” is about
Bea Roxas, Adrienne Charuel, and Clair Barberis explain what “Heritage In Bloom” is about/Photo from the author

Adrienne expressed their shared values, strong rapport, and passion for their respective brands resulted in their joint projects. They all decided that an exhibit would best showcase their integrated, authentic approach to crafting. 

“This led to Heritage In Bloom, and Alliance Française warmly received the idea of the exhibit,” Adrienne continued. “We also found a shared showroom or creative space, laying the foundation for our collective heritage brands, so Domisilyô was born and will be opening that around May, in Makati.” Domisilyô is the creative sanctuary of all three of them, and their upcoming store.

A project with unique generational perspectives

The most unique detail about Bea, Adrienne, and Clair’s joint project is their distinct generational perspectives. 

“Despite [us] being from three different generations, we all resonate with the same core values: planet, people, and purpose,” Adrienne answered. “This shared ethos made our union feel natural and seamless. As fully integrated brands, we oversee every aspect of production, driven by genuine passion for Philippine craft, traditions, and artisans we create with.”

Pressing flowers on a canvas, made possible with a piece of leaf and a hammer, as demonstrated at the exhibit
Pressing flowers on a canvas, made possible with a piece of leaf and a hammer, as shown at the exhibit / Photo from the author

Much more than fashion items

Adrienne said supporting local artisans go beyond purchasing local products. “It’s about embracing and promoting a deeper appreciation for our Philippine heritage and artistic craftsmanship,” she commented. “Artisanal crafts hold spiritual and historical significance, and it’s crucial to recognize them as more than just hobbies or commodities. Historically, craft studios were revered sanctuaries, honored much like temples, emphasizing the sacred nature of these traditions.”

She also highlighted that while people see their creations as fashion items, they are much more. “[The artisans] create these pieces with precision and dedication who uphold our ancestral legacy. The exhibit showcased our integrated approach to design and production, to deepen public understanding and respect for the craft.”

Bea and her team demonstrated live spinning sugarcane
Bea and her team demonstrated live spinning sugarcane / Photo from the author

Adrienne enumerated ways which could help local artisans beyond purchasing. “Engaging with our educational initiatives, attending workshops or exhibits, and sharing our stories and values can make a significant impact.”

Heritage in Bloom offered visitors to glimpse the creators’ processes, from sourcing materials, the handiwork involved, and final designs. “We aim to impart a profound appreciation for our heritage and the skills involved,” Adrienne said.

Banner photo from the Heritage In Bloom brand founders.

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