A Convenient Truth: This New York Exhibit Uses Augmented Reality To Educate Visitors About Climate Change - Arts & Culture

This exhibit is a convenient way of learning about an inconvenient truth.

A New York-based art exhibit named Arcadia Earth is taking advantage of augmented reality to educate visitors about climate change.

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The large-scale multisensorial exhibit explores “underwater worlds, fantasy lands, and inspirational art installations.” Its design encourages conversations about the world’s most pressing environmental issues today.

During the tour, visitors will wear an augmented reality headset that enhances the installations to provide more environmental facts. The experience lasts between 45 minutes to an hour.

The tour utilizing Microsoft HoloLens’ augmented reality headset was developed with metaverse platform Enklu. It showcases global ecosystems like the ocean and forests threatened by different environmental issues like overfishing and single-use plastic waste.

Founder Valentino Vettori said that Arcadia Earth intends to inspire people and deliver a message.

“I really think that this technique. It’s super fun and will work for everybody,” Vettori said.

Aside from augmented reality animating each exhibition, Arcadia Earth makes use of virtual reality, projection mapping, and interactive environments.


Visitors also learn more about the direct impact of small lifestyle changes they can take immediately.

“Today, if we don’t do something, there will be a challenging future. And I want to make sure that I’m one of those people. That will stand by the fact that we try everything we can,” Vettori concluded.

Arcadia Earth opened another location in Las Vegas in late 2021, and also plans to launch in more areas in the future. Previously, it held temporary exhibits in Miami and Saudi Arabia.

Ticket proceeds will benefit tree-planting initiatives.

Banner Photo via Arcadia Earth’s website

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