#PATTONYOURLIFE with Resilience - Product Launches

What have you done in a year? In twelve months, every nation went into lockdown, we started working from home, and there was a drastic reduction of business operations. We saw loved ones in pain, and loneliness bought on by social distancing. A year on, we are mired in uncertainty that continues to loom, finding ourselves suffering in the same boat, struggling to see the light at the end.

Local brand PATTON launched in March 2020, just at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak. It was probably the worst time to start a company, but resilience is at the core of what makes PATTON run. With a mindset that focuses on striving to influence with love and compassion, the team believes in doing their part in making sure they come out of this experience stronger and better.

The Resilience Hoodie and Sweater

In collaboration with MovEd, PATTON’s latest drop is themed on resilience. The oversized hoodie and sweater are pieces that can be worn in the home (hopefully to ward off post-vaccination chills) and at work (when possible), or during travel (we can only dream).

Profits will be donated to MovEd Foundation, and will greatly help in the provision of quality early childhood education for underserved communities. PATTON will be partnering with worldwide, influential voices, asking them to share their story, and creating a digital chain to help spread wide the message of building resilience. This digital chain will be held together with the hashtag #PATTONYOURLIFE

The Resilience collection will drop on March 25, noon and will be available on Patton Studios

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