Pairing French Tastes With The Filipino Palate

From its resort in Siargao to the sunlit vineyards of France, this brand is expanding its horizons with wines.

Earlier this month, entrepreneur Christophe Bariou and actress Nadine Lustre introduced their new passion project to the world.

Maison Bukana Wines is creating harmony between two worlds, producing beverages that originate from France and cater to the Filipino’s tropical palate.

Christophe Bariou and Nadine Lustre
Christophe Bariou and Nadine Lustre | Image courtesy of Maison Bukana

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“Each bottle is a testament to craftsmanship, an ode to those timeless moments of solitude and celebration,” the brand said in its press release.

Maison Bukana Wines held a special unveiling on October 16, 2023 with an intimate soirée at Kondwi Poblacion. The event, designed by Gideon Hermosa, was a picture of simplicity and elegance.

Maison Bukana Wines' launch event
Maison Bukana Wines’ launch event | Image courtesy of Maison Bukana

At the launch, the couple spoke about the story behind the brand and their journey towards winemaking, exploring their brand through sophisticated flavors.

The guests were also able to sample a taste of the brand’s sweet rosé, light white, and deep red wines.

Bottles of rosé, white, and red wines
Bottles of rosé, white, and red wines | Photo by Kim Angela Santos

“At the heart of Maison Bukana lies a simple yet profound philosophy: harmonizing the best of worlds,” said Bariou. “Our wines, much like our resort, aim to capture and celebrate the richness of diverse landscapes, traditions, and tastes.”

Maison Bukana Wines are currently available to order on Boozy, the online liquor store.

Banner photo by Kim Angela Santos.

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