A Heavenly Celebration: Bringing A Romantic Paradise To Life - Weddings

This event designer turned Gwynne Yu and Goldwin Manuel’s dream wedding into a reality with a resplendent ceremony that was heaven on earth. 

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s May 2023 Issue. 

Every couple has their dream wedding in mind. Gwynne Yu and Goldwin Manuel wanted to present their love story as one that was a blessing from above. Th ey started doing their due diligence to find the right person to help them bring this vision to life and were led to wedding event designer Teddy Manuel’s Instagram account. They decided then that he was the right person to create their version of heaven on earth. 

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Gwynne Yu and Goldwin Manuel wedding

Upon meeting with Manuel, they knew they had made the right choice. “Teddy would brainstorm with us all the time, listen to our suggestions and give his ideas. He made us feel that this wedding was really a collaboration of our inputs combined. Since my husband and I were very detailed in executing something unheard of, we knew some of our ideas were difficult to execute but Teddy made the impossible possible. He always found a way and made sure to implement what we wanted down to the T,” Gwynne shares. 

Gwynne Yu and Goldwin Manuel wedding

She adds, “Aside from how the event would look like, we had a goal set in our hearts and that is to let everyone see how God is the author of our love story and we only wanted to glorify and honor His name for His faithfulness. This motive is essential as all wedding decisions will be based on this testimony.”


To bring their vision of love to light, Teddy relied on divine inspiration. “For their ceremony, I used a lot of reflective materials from the aisle to the altar. The canopy was made of mirrors to give a feel of heaven’s infinity. I also used more than 10,000 stems of gypsophila to mimic the clouds.” 

Gwynne Yu and Goldwin Manuel wedding

Manuel designed the reception to be an immersive experience, starting off with a mirrored tunnel with billowing LED clouds that brought guests to the reception hall. “From the top view, one could see that the inspiration for the design was an angel’s wings,” he says.

Gwynne Yu and Goldwin Manuel wedding

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Photos by Bill Ti Yu of Mayad Studios.

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