A Historic Debut: Dolly de Leon Attends Golden Globes As First Filipino Nominee - Arts & Culture

The Filipina actress was nominated for Best Supporting Actress alongside Angela Bassett, Jamie Lee Curtis, Carey Mulligan, and Kerry Condon.

While Angela Bassett ended up receiving the award for her performance in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Dolly de Leon made history at her first Golden Globes appearance.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, de Leon said that it was enough just to be nominated, adding that “Whatever happens, I hope we will continue to do our best in everything that we do.”

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De Leon graced the red carpet wearing an all-black leather outfit with tulle straps and silver jewelry.

The actress was nominated for her role as Abigail in Ruben Ostlund’s satirical black comedy, Triangle of Sadness. The film was also nominated at the Golden Globes for Best Picture in the musical or comedy category.

Abigail is a cleaning lady who ends up stranded on an island. Being the only one with any survival skills, Abigail ends up becoming the leader of a small group of survivors, overturning the status quo.

De Leon’s Golden Globes bio calls her a “powerhouse performer” who “identified strongly with Abigail.”

After the film received the Palme d’Or and an eight-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, de Leon has since won the Best Supporting Performance award from the LA Film Critics Association as well as the Breakthrough Performance award from the 2022 Middleburg Film Festival.

De Leon’s Golden Globe nomination could also be a precursor for recognition at the upcoming Academy Awards. Hopefully this is just the beginning of her climb to the top of the acting field.

Banner photo via Twitter @neonrated.

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