‘Elvis Evolution’ Celebrates Elvis Presley’s Life And Legacy With AI

Artificial intelligence proved its innovativeness as it celebrates the legacy of Elvis Presley through holographic projection with “Elvis Evolution.”

Andrew McGuinness’ Layered Reality makes a bold undertaking as it is set to bring back Elvis Presley’s life and legacy through artificial intelligence. The company is about to do a virtual reality show that celebrates the King of Rock, entitled Elvis Evolution.

Layered Reality said that Elvis Evolution is a major new show that celebrates Presley with a “jaw-dropping concert finale and a personal invite to the After Party.” It is set to commence showing in central London this year, its location yet to be finalized.

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Not the first AI project for late artists

This is not the first time that AI paved the way for the present generation to appreciate late artists’ legacies. Universal Music Group (UMG) announced last year that the English band The Beatles would release a new song called “Now And Then” with the help of AI. The band released the song in November last year. The song featured the late John Lennon’s voice.

A multi-sensory experience

Rolling Stone said that the show was based on thousands of Presley’s personal photos and home video footage. Layered Reality will create a life-sized Elvis, who will perform his iconic songs.

Virtual reality show "Elvis Evolution" commemorates Elvis Presley’s legacy
Virtual reality show “Elvis Evolution” commemorates Elvis Presley’s legacy/Photo from Layered Reality’s website

The company’s technology will recreate “the seismic impact of seeing Elvis live for a whole new generation of fans, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.” It will certainly be a multi-sensory experience.

The virtual reality journey starts with the rock king’s home city, Tupelo, Mississippi. It would take visitors to Memphis, Tennessee, home of Graceland, and Las Vegas, too.

The experience of a century

Layered Reality said that Presley’s fans can anticipate ultimate nostalgia “like no other.” They would get to celebrate the rock personality’s defining moments and watch his show “as if you were really there.”

Reuters reported the show is a collection of mementos of Presley’s life, according to the company’s chief executive McGuinness.

“The crescendo of the experience is an AI performance by Elvis,” he emphasized.

The company website expressed that the show will be “the experience of the century” for the rock king’s fans.

Layered Reality added that an afterparty will culminate the virtual reality experience. An Elvis-themed restaurant and bar with music, DJs, and performances will house the event.

“Elvis Evolution” will show fans never-before seen footages of his life alongside his performances.

“We have secured the global rights to premiere this show in London, but then take it across the world,” McGuinness added.

Elvis Evolution, a next-generation tribute

The virtual reality show launches in Central London in November this year. The Guardian reported the show plans to be released in Las Vegas, Tokyo and Berlin, with multiple cities to follow.

McGuinness said Elvis Evolution is a “next-generation tribute” to the king of rock, Rolling Stone reported. He added that Presley maintained superstar status globally and fans want to be part of the experience instead of sitting back.

Banner photo from Layered Reality’s website.

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