Teddy Manuel’s Passion for Mentoring Event Stylists

World-renowned wedding designer Teddy Manuel delves into his career and why he loves teaching the next generation of event stylists.

Teddy Manuel has been gracing the event styling scene for over 18 years now. 

“I’ve always had a passion for design, creativity, and bringing joy to people’s lives,” the designer tells Lifestyle Asia. 

“Event styling, especially weddings, allowed me to combine all these elements into a fulfilling career.”

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Teddy Manuel, the event stylist.
Teddy Manuel/Photo by Adrian Ardiente

Pushing Creative Frontiers

While still working in the corporate world, with a background in aeronautical engineering, Manuel began contemplating his purpose and happiness in his personal and career path. 

Then he collaborated with his brother, Roland Manuel, to start a floral and event styling business. 

Manuel's designs. Floral and event styling are his expertise.
Photo by Adrian Ardiente

“The dedication and love I invested in every event, alongside Roland, paved my way to a prominent position in the industry,” Manuel shares. 

The stylist’s dedication and passion are evident in every event he helps bring to life. 

“Every event, whether big or small, receives my undivided attention,” he says. 

“I always strive to ensure that each celebration is unique, memorable, and perfectly aligns with my client’s vision, all while pushing the boundaries of creative design.”

Manuel is renowned all over the world for his elegant and luxurious designs with a touch of timeless beauty. 

“I’m also keen on infusing Filipino culture and heritage into my designs.” 

A beautiful set up for the event.
Photo by Adrian Ardiente

Earlier this year, Destination Wedding Planner (DWP) awarded Manuel as one of the top stylists at its annual Congress which took place in Doha, Qatar. 

“I was deeply humbled and honored,” Manuel shares. “Being recognized by such a prestigious platform is a testament to years of hard work, innovation, and dedication.” 

Along with this recognition, he has had the chance to collaborate with and learn from global industry leaders in his field through the international conferences he has been invited to. 

“Each conference offers new insights, trends, and techniques that have immensely benefited my craft.”

Banner photo by Adrian Ardiente.

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