A Masterful Mix of Modern Art at the Leon Gallery -

The Leon Gallery launched A Masterful Mix, an exhibit that showcased the masterful craftsmanship of jeweler Janina Dizon, fashion accessories by Authentecite Inc. and home accent pieces by Fornasetti brought by La Maison Deco. The event also focused on the brushstrokes and colors of renowned masters that have contributed to the development of modern art in the country such as Saeta XXVII by Fernando Zobel where he painted these iconic lines with the use of a syringe. Newly conferred national artist Federico Alcuaz’ View of Manila imposing oil on wood, Ang Kiukok’s masterful creation called Crucifixion, Diosdado Lorenzo’s Bahay Kubo and Vicente Manansala’s Prayer Before Meal, a quintessential cubist painting by the artist. The unique exhibition accomplished the gallery’s objective to place the spotlight on its collection from the modernist period.

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