Why Custom-Made Wedding Gowns Specialize A Bride’s Big Day

Finding the perfect wedding dress is like finding the right partner: it has to be compatible with you in more ways than one, which is why a custom-made gown is a favorable option for many.

Many brides visualize every aspect of their dream wedding: from the venue  all the way to the most specific details of their wedding dress. It can be overwhelming to choose the best bridal gown for one’s special day, as there are a lot of factors to consider. One thing’s for sure, custom-made wedding gowns can add a very personal touch to a bride’s big day.

There are various reasons why brides opt for customized dresses. For many,  size customization is a big factor, as a tailor-made gown is made with specific measurements that are unique to its wearer. Brides who have particular styles in mind may also prefer a custom gowns for added personalization. 

Here are a few more reasons why having a handcrafted wedding dress adds a special touch on a bride’s wedding day.

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Customization creates a unique gown

Each bride has their personal preferences when it comes to their dream dress. A Pinterest mood board can become a reality when a bride navigates their  desired styles and motifs with their designer. 

It’s recommended that brides give  designers an insight into what they want their dress to look like. This includes what features  to highlight, what fabrics  to use, and what gown style or neckline to adopt.

A bespoke Piña bridal gown from Vania Romoff
A bespoke Piña bridal gown from Vania Romoff/Photo via Instagram @bridalvaniaromoff

Custom-made wedding gowns reduce time spent on decision-making

Designers’ bridal collections are made up of a couple of several gowns with different styles so that brides can explore their options. However, if a bride has two to three choices in mind, they might go back and forth between decisions. 

A custom-made gown lessens this burden because brides can combine as many styles as they want without having to choose between styles of pre-created gowns. Brides can add or remove details and embellishments whenever and however they want. 

Custom gowns ensure optimal comfort and fit

People have different body types, so sometimes their sizes don’t match those of  ready-to-wear (RTW) dresses. A handcrafted gown, on the other hand, is very comfortable to wear since it’s designed to adjust to a bride’s body perfectly. 

Weddings usually last at least four to five hours due to pre-ceremony photoshoots, the ceremony itself, and the reception. As such, it’s essential to invest in a dress–or dresses, if you have a second one–that’ll feel comfortable for the duration of your big day. 

A wedding dress with dramatic layers and embroidered floral patterns
A wedding dress with dramatic layers and embroidered floral patterns/Photo via Instagram @michaelcincowedding 

The exclusive experience of customizing with your designer 

Designers have a distinct process when creating custom-made  masterpieces  for their brides. It’s not the same experience as buying RTWs, where designers just make small adjustments, then resize and fit, and voila, the wedding dress is ready.

Bespoke wedding gowns need time and a lot of conceptualizing on the part of both brides and their designers. Typically, designers would ask brides about their love story or how they perceive themselves. Designers also ask brides what they think their best physical assets are so the dress would highlight them. 

The bottomline is, a customized wedding dress is a bride-to-be’s story. A story that  unravels and reaches its happy ending as a bride walks down the aisle and says “I do.”

Banner photo from Gustavo Fring via Pexels.

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