This 25-Acre Uninhabited Scottish Island Is Up For Sale

50 parties have already shown their interest in owning the secluded Barlocco Island, which is located in the deep blue waters of Scotland’s Dumfries and Galloway county.

You can now own 25-acres worth of lush land surrounded by a picturesque coastline, as Barlocco Island in southwestern Scotland is currently selling for $190,000 or £150,000. 

The stunning piece of nature is nestled in the waters of Fleet Bay, which is roughly nine miles away from Kirkcudbright in Dumfries and Galloway county (if one travels by road). It can be accessed either by foot during low tide or by boat through its pebble beach. 

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Barlocco Island/Photo by AncellMedia via Galbraith’s official website listing

The official brochure of the island describes it as a “stunning location with outstanding views.” It also houses an impressive seabird colony, which may interest avian enthusiasts. 

Nature’s Charm

It’s not too difficult to see the appeal of an island like Barlocco. In an article by The New York Times, its listing agent David Corrie stated: “It’s an often overlooked area of Scotland that has some of the most beautiful scenery, natural coastline and extensive forests, along with a very low population density.” 

“The pebble beach is a delight and the perfect base to explore the island, partake in some cold water swimming or to anchor a boat and enjoy a waterside picnic,” shared Aaron Edgar, who’s also managing the sale for real estate firm Galbraith, with the BBC

Potential Challenges

Barlocco Island is as untouched as it gets, with no residences, buildings, and other infrastructures in sight. There is, however, a flood pond that could provide water for wildlife and livestock during winter. 

Given all this, it’s likely that the island’s future owner will need to build amenities from scratch if they wish to inhabit it. That being said, this might not be much of an issue for potential buyers who love the idea of living in a rural and secluded area. 

One section of Barlocco Island that approaches the mainland/Photo by AncellMedia via Galbraith’s official website listing

Although it’s also worth noting that the piece of land is situated in the Borgue Coast Site of Special Scientific Interest. This means that it’s under the U.K.’s protection, which could make development within the natural area challenging. 

The brochure on the island states that its future owner should discuss any construction plans they might have with the local planning authority.  

An Interesting Investment 

Still, despite the potential development challenges, around 50 parties have already shown great interest in the private island, as Galbraith has received multiple offers from residents in Britain, Italy, Norway, Germany, and the United States. 

This isn’t particularly surprising to Corrie, who grew up very close to the area where Barlocco is located. In the same New York Times article, he describes it as a “place of unique landscape and natural light, a feature which attracted many artists to the area in the 19th and 20th centuries.” 

Another bird’s-eye view of Barlocco Island/Photo by AncellMedia via Galbraith’s official website listing

A similar property that went for sale, Little Ross Island (located just below the coast from Barlocco), also attracted a lot of interest. It seems like many people are willing to grapple with possible obstacles for a chance to have a personal slice of paradise. 

“There’s still a very romantic sentiment attached to owning your very own Scottish private island, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some peace and tranquility in the most beautiful scenery around,” explained Galbraith’s Aaron Edgar to the BBC.

Banner Photo by AncellMedia via Galbraith’s official website listing.

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