Jon Bon Jovi's Timeless Wedding Gift To His Daughter

Jon Bon Jovi penned a song dedicated to his daughter’s wedding, which he believes could be the “wedding song of the next 100 years.”

Jon Bon Jovi envisions his latest composition as a timeless classic, predicting it may be the tune you and your grandchildren will walk down the aisle to.

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Jon Bon Jovi/Photo via Instagram @jonbonjovi

Love in Lyrics

The renowned rockstar, famed for leading the band Bon Jovi, revealed in an interview with Access Hollywood that he has crafted a special track for his daughter Stephanie Rose Bongiovi’s wedding. 

Tentatively titled “Kiss the Bride,” the song remains unheard by Stephanie, adding an element of surprise to her momentous day.

Expressing his unwavering confidence in the song’s enduring appeal, Bon Jovi declared, “I promise you, it’s the wedding song of the next 100 years.” 

Details about Stephanie’s relationship and wedding plans are undisclosed. Bon Jovi’s focus on her impending nuptials suggests they may be approaching soon.

A Father’s Love

As per Brides, this isn’t the first time Bon Jovi has composed a song for Stephanie. The eldest of his four children with Dorothea Hurley. 

Photo via Instagram @jonbonjovi

He previously penned “I Got the Girl” for her. A heartfelt gesture that Stephanie danced to onstage at one of his concerts when she was just seven years old, and again at his 2017 show in Las Vegas.

Jon Bon Jovi and daughter Stephanie/Photo via Instagram @jonbonjovi

In addition to Stephanie’s wedding, Bon Jovi eagerly anticipates the union of his son Jake Bongiovi, 21, with actress Millie Bobby Brown, 19. 

Speaking to People, Bon Jovi expressed his excitement about their relationship, highlighting their mutual support and dedication.

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Jake Bongiovi and Millie Bobbie Brown/Photo via Instagram @jakebongiovi

Timeless Harmony

The Bongiovi family prepares for these joyous occasions. The whole family is also readying themselves for the wedding of their eldest son, Jesse, 28.

Bongiovi family/Photo via Instagram @jonbonjovi

Jesse is engaged to Jesse Light, his fiancée whom he proposed to in 2022 after four years of courtship.

This Valentine’s Day, as you listen to Bon Jovi’s music or celebrate with your loved ones, remember that love knows no bounds. 

Whether it’s a grand romantic gesture or a quiet moment shared with a loved one, every expression of love is a melody that resonates through the heart. 

Here’s to a Valentine’s Day filled with love, joy, and the timeless music of Jon Bon Jovi.

Banner photo via Instagram @jonbonjovi.

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