Brazil And Japan Emulsified In One Note

A new restaurant arrives in Manila with culinary treats that seamlessly integrate the finest flavors of Japan and Brazil, reflecting the cultural and historical ties of both countries.

After Paris and Hong Kong, Uma Nota opens in Manila offering their harmoniously blended Brazilian and Japanese culinary traditions at Shangri-La at The Fort.

Uma Nota (meaning “one note” in Portuguese) draws inspiration from the historical migration of the Japanese to São Paulo, weaving a copious integration of cultural influences. In each of their dishes is the essence of that journey, blending the precision of Japanese culinary artistry with the bold and vibrant flavors synonymous with São Paulo.

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Uma Nota founders Laura and Alexis Offe
Uma Nota founders Laura and Alexis Offe

The place is designed by Asmaa Said, founder of The Odd Duck Studio.  The Living Room, with its striking ‘Hanging Tree’ installation is the main dining area that transitions to a dim but vibrant space as the night progresses. The Bar has a more intimate atmosphere while Tropicalia pays tribute to the 70s Tropicália movement. The Meiji Room, with its Japanese mural, honors the rich heritage of the mass Japanese migration to São Paulo during the Meiji era.

Inside Uma Nota Manila
Inside Uma Nota Manila

Start with the Coxinhas de Franco, a crispy croquette with chicken and okra then explore their Wagyu No Brioche – Japanese Wagyu, brioche, caramelized onion, karashi mustard, truffle.⁠ They also offer WX tomahawk MS7 and Japanese A5 Wagyu striploin uniquely served with farofa, a Brazilian staple made with toasted cassava. Other offerings also include their Crab Udon, Hotate Tiradito (scallops with leche de tigre), and various sushi rolls and sashimi. Vegetarians have options here such as the Avocado Roll with asparagus, shibazuke (pickled eggplant), and farofa or the Roasted Cauliflower. Popular desserts are the Matcha (green tea) Layered Cake and the Chocolate de Ouro – a 70% dark chocolate mousse in a chocolate shell with hazelnuts and almond chocolate crumble.

Their crafted drinks feature unique cocktails. Expect the real Brazilian Caipirinha made cachaça (fermented sugar cane juice). Try the Kyoto Sour with Atago No Matsu sake, grapefruit, green Tabasco, lemon, and agave. Indulge in the Maluco Carioca, a signature Brazilian limeade masterpiece crafted with Cachaça Yaguara (an artisanal cachaça). Savor the very creative Uma Nota Cup Noodle, blending Plantation 3 stars, homemade toasted coconut liqueur, pineapple, cucumber, lime, and sesame oil.

Co-Founder of Uma Nota Alexis Offe shares, “Uma Nota has always been a celebration of cultural harmony, a symphony where Brazilian and Japanese influences dance together. Our journey into Manila is more than just an expansion; it’s an immersion into the rich tapestry of flavors and experiences unique to this vibrant city.”

Uma Nota’s Executive Chef Gustavo Vargas has developed a menu that caters to every palate, whether you like it raw, from the wok, grilled or baked. He says, “We’ve been hard at work collaborating with Kyle Ureta, our Manila Head Chef to create dishes that bring together the bold flavors of Brazilian and Japanese cuisine while catering specifically to the local palate. In a city known for its diverse food scene, we’re confident that our menu, crafted in harmony with local influences, will offer a delicious and unique dining experience.”

Uma Nota just might change the Manila dining and party scene.

Uma Nota is open for dinner daily (except Mondays ) from 6pm to midnight (Friday and Saturday is until 4am). For reservations or inquiries, message or call (0908)899292766 or (0917) 3072766. Check out  

Photos by Mike Gella, courtesy of Uma Nota.

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