4 Beauty And Fashion Brands That Are Uplifting Women 

These beauty and fashion companies are championing women in their own ways, with projects that promote safer and more inclusive spaces. 

Women find power through beauty products and fashion, as they’re one of the best ways to cultivate self-expression and confidence. However, the brands within these respective industries do more than just provide quality products; they also champion causes that would further empower women everywhere, not just their customers. 

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Indeed, amid the ongoing work to improve the lives of women, brands are working to help the cause and show just how much they value their target audiences. Here are four particular companies that are paving the way for a brighter future for women of all ages:

Donna Karan’s “In Women We Trust” Campaign

More than 30 years ago, designer Donna Karan first launched the “In Women We Trust” campaign through her namesake fashion label. The 1992 campaign featured a woman in high office, and to this day, it serves as the embodiment of the brand’s ethos of using “effortless, timeless elegance” to tap into the inherent strength of all women. 

The eight powerful women who serve as the faces of Donna Karan’s latest “In Women We Trust” campaign
The eight powerful women who serve as the faces of Donna Karan’s latest “In Women We Trust” campaign/Photo from the Donna Karan website

For 2024, the brand returns with its famous campaign, this time showcasing eight extraordinary women who’ve held special ties with the brand over the years, each one an icon in her own right. The group is made up of supermodels Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Shalom Harlow, Amber Valletta, Carolyn Murphy, Imaan Hammam, Karlie Kloss, and Liya Kebede.

Star photographer Annie Leibovitz (center)
Star photographer Annie Leibovitz (center)/Photo from the Donna Karan website 

Photographing these beautiful women is another extraordinary female talent, the inimitable Annie Leibovitz, who is one of the most celebrated portrait photographers in America—perhaps even the world. 

“‘In Women We Trust’ is such a powerful statement,” shares Valletta in an official statement. “We need more women to lead us into the future because women think differently.”

Charlotte Tilbury x F1 Academy 

Charlotte Tilbury recently made waves as it became the first female-founded brand and beauty brand to sponsor the F1 ACADEMY.™ The historic move is part of  F1 ACADEMY’s new project from Formula 1®, which aims to “develop and prepare female drivers to progress to higher levels of competition,” according to the brand’s official press release

The F1 ACADEMY™ now has its first female-founded and beauty brand sponsor
The F1 ACADEMY™ now has its first female-founded and beauty brand sponsor/Photo from the Charlotte Tilbury website 

It’s a fitting collaboration that aligns with Charlotte Tilbury’s aim to champion women and help them feel their most confident, best seen through its “Makeup Your Destiny!” mantra. The brand will use its global platform to highlight the talented female drivers of the F1 ACADEMY. In doing so, they hope to help them gain a wider audience, build their careers, and of course, let other aspiring young women know what opportunities await them in the world of racing. 

“My brand was created for everyone, everywhere, and as a female-founder I’m thrilled that we’re the first ever beauty brand to support these powerhouse drivers through our partnership with the F1 ACADEMY,” shares Charlotte Tilbury MBE, the president and founder of her eponymous brand. “We are standing proudly behind the incredible young women making waves in the fast-paced world of Formula 1®.”

L’Oreal Paris’ “Never Your Fault” Campaign

L’Oreal Paris’ recent project strives to create safer spaces for women to be themselves. In celebration of International Women’s Day, the brand launched their “Never Your Fault” campaign, which aims to fight against sexual harassment in public spaces—a concerningly common occurrence most women experience around the world. 

A graphic for L’Oreal Paris’ “Never Your Fault” campaign
A graphic for L’Oreal Paris’ “Never Your Fault” campaign/Photo from the L’Oreal Group website

According to an official survey the brand conducted with Ipsos in 2023: “80% of women have already experienced sexual harassment in a public space at least once in their lives.” Such harassment includes sexually suggestive or intrusive comments, usually in regard to women’s physical appearances and clothing. L’Oreal Paris’ latest campaign aims to debunk the harmful mindset that lays all the blame on women who’ve been victimized, rather than the perpetrators. 

“The message to women is ‘It’s never your fault, your clothes, nor your make-up. And everyone should be reminded of it. Every day,’” shares Delphine Viguier-Hovasse, global president of L’Oréal Paris, in a press release.

Dove’s “#TheFaceof10” Campaign

Many women have benefited from the prevalence and accessibility of great beauty products; however, as with all things, the boom also comes with its share of pitfalls. Young girls, for instance, are getting caught up in trends that they shouldn’t be worrying about at their age. 

One such example of this is the anti-aging trend among girls, which has led them to use anti-aging products before they’ve even grown up. This is mainly due to the skincare content that they see online, which can pressure them into doing regimes they don’t really need—and could harm their self-esteem in the process, causing unnecessary anxiety over their looks. 

Drew Barrymore for Dove’s #TheFaceof10 campaign
Drew Barrymore for Dove’s #TheFaceof10 campaign/Photo via Instagram @drewbarrymore

As part of its long-running Self-Esteem Project for the youth, Dove has recently launched its #TheFaceof10 campaign. This movement aims to fight off the unrealistic beauty standards that plague young girls through free resources, including a “Gen A Anti-Aging Skin Care Talk” on Dove’s official TikTok. In the video, certified dermatologist Dr.Marisa Garshick and body image expert Dr. Phillipa Diedrichs give tips to parents on how to help their young girls cultivate healthy skincare routines and appreciate their physical appearances. 

Actress and Dove partner Drew Barrymore joined the initiative, releasing a TikTok video where she comforts young audiences by encouraging them to just be kids and enjoy their youth, as it’s impossible to really stop aging. “I think when it comes to anything that is anti-aging, I don’t even know if that’s the exact messaging for adults because you will never ‘anti’ age. If you’re lucky, you will actually get to age,” she says in the video. “You’re already beautiful, let’s be playful! I’ve never feared getting older, because that is a privilege.”

Photo from the Donna Karan website.

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