Beyoncé’s New Single Tops Country Music Chart, Drops Hair Brand

Beyoncé’s new single made her the first Black woman to top Billboard’s country music chart, and this week the singer debuted her first ever hair care line.

The music industry witnessed a new milestone this week as Beyoncé’s new single, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” has topped the Billboard country music chart. But it’s an even bigger week for the singer/songwriter as she debuted her very first hair care line Cécred a few days prior.

This accomplishment makes Beyoncé the first Black woman to make it to number one in the aforementioned chart.

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Reclaiming country roots

A report from NBC News said Beyoncé’s new single “Texas Hold ‘Em” ranked number one, but one of her songs made the country chart as well. “16 Carriages” made the list and sat at number nine. She became the first Black woman to top the said chart.

Beyoncé, the first Black woman to top Billboard's Country Music Chart
Beyoncé, the first Black woman to top Billboard’s Country Music Chart/Photo via Instagram @beyonce

The report mentioned the singer is reclaiming a genre believed to originate from Black instruments and music traditions but “has historically excluded Black artists,” even more so Black women. White artists and men primarily dominated the genre.

She is not the first Black female country singer, but “Texas Hold ‘Em” at number one marked a significant breakthrough.

Beyonce’s new single, “Texas Hold ‘Em.”

Beyonce’s new single in upcoming album

The singer announced her new album through a Verizon commercial which aired during this month’s Super Bowl. She ended the advertisement with the words, “Okay, they ready, drop the new music!

She referred to the full length country-themed album as act ii, slated for release on March 29. The Associated Press reported that this is a follow-up to 2022’s Renaissance, popularly known as Act I: Renaissance.

Beyoncé’s new single teased her upcoming new album, referred to as “act ii.”

Beyoncé became the first woman to clinch the Hot Country’s and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop’s song charts top spot since 1958. Artists like Justin Bieber, Billy Ray Cyrus and Ray Charles have topped both genres in previous years. She snagged the second spot as well in Billboard’s Hot 100.

Launching Cécred

It is not Beyoncé’s only milestone this week as last Tuesday she launched her first hair care line, Cécred. She first teased the brand on February 7, as she uploaded a video of her and her mom, Tina Knowles, who was a hair stylist. She shared the post with the caption, “Hair is sacred.”

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The brand revealed its history, saying the singer grew up sweeping hair at her mother’s salon. “So much of who I am came from there,” it read. “I saw how she transformed hair by mixing mainstream products with textured hair care.”

The brand prioritizes the needs of those who have textured hair, as well as those whose locks lack moisture and strength. She added a personal touch in the brand’s concoction to “build new sacred rituals,” resulting in intentional quality products that effectively perform.

They introduced their patent-pending technology, bioactive keratin ferment. Fermentation enhances the power of hair repair which replaces depleted proteins. “Its molecular weight is small enough to deeply penetrate the hair’s cortex to visibly strengthen weak, damaged, or highly manipulated hair,” the brand explained.

The science behind Cécred’s formula.

Current bestsellers include their hydrating shampoo, moisturizing deep conditioner, and nourishing hair oil.

Beyoncé said she built it from the ground up and poured all her learnings throughout life in the brand. It was her lifelong dream to create the products and infuse it with her mother’s teachings. 

“Cécred is about prioritizing yourself and all the things you hold sacred,” she said.

Banner photo from Cécred’s website.

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