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Planning for your wedding can get hectic, but this pre-wedding offer from the Aivee Clinic helps relieve stress while caring for your skin and toning your body with their crowd-favorite treatments

Standing hand in hand with your lifetime partner is the moment a lot of us dream of. For the brides-to-be, this moment can be fast-approaching, and planning for the big day can get hectic. It’s a whole host of commitments to organize and track—securing dates, reserving locations, fitting attires, and of course, making sure all photographers and videographers will capture the best you. 

But as your wedding day draws nearer, all of this preparation can just drag you down, making you look more stressed than before. If you’re busy organizing A-listers for the big day, make sure you get the A-lister of beauty and aesthetics for yourself too.

The Aivee Clinic, beloved by some of the country’s notable personalities for their effective treatments and top-notch service, has curated a list of facial, skin tightening, and vitamin drip treatments to help brides-to-be achieve the best bridal glow. The result is the Aivee Bride Collection, and we run-down what you can expect and how these treatments can reveal a woman worth falling in love over and over again.

An everlasting beauty

The Aivee Clinic Sofwave Treatment tops the list as their newest and hottest skin tightening and lifting treatment. After a skin assessment with one of the clinic’s board-certified dermatologists, the Sofwave Treatment uses ultrasound technology to smoothen skin. The results improve over time, making your skin look and feel much better leading to the big day.

After the Aivee Clinic Sofwave Treatment, the perfect next step would be Aivee Protégé. This well-loved treatment by many patients maintains skin tightness for a lasting, youthful appearance. 

For another skin tightening treatment that also targets blemishes and acne, the Aivee Potenza is a must-try. This RF microneedling procedure is customizable to your preferences, and its result has been lauded by global celebrities like Kim Kardashian. If you’re conscious of whether or not the photographer will capture your perfect angle, then the crowd-favorite Aivee Evoke can help make your every angle stunning. It’s just a 45-minute procedure, but your slimmer, contoured face with reduced chubby cheeks and double chins will last much, much longer.

Unveil clearer skin

See and feel the difference with the three-step process of the Aivee Tornado Facial that exfoliates by infusing anti-aging and antioxidant serum deep into the skin for a true glow. The Aivee Crystal Black Peel, on the other hand, deeply exfoliates the skin while controlling sebum production and improving the appearance of pores. These make great surprise gifts to future brides with results you can definitely feel.

As the cameras click, let your stunning glow shine brighter as you walk down the aisle with the Aivee Gentle Laser Pore. This treatment smoothes skin texture and targets acne marks by rejuvenating the skin and reducing the appearance of pores. It’s best to be prepared, so why not give the Aivee Shining Bright a shot as well to address those unpleasant dark spots and control acne breakouts.

Stunning from head to toe

Wedding dresses become some of women’s most treasured keepsakes, and the Aivee Onda Body treatment will definitely complement your look while wearing it. This three-in-one procedure targets body fat, loose skin, and the appearance of cellulites. Whether you want to tone your abs, arms, or thighs, this treatment will surely have you reminiscing on your wedding photos fondly in the future. And of course, with all the content that will be taken that day, the Aivee Platinum Drip will make sure you look young and beautiful with its potent anti-aging infusion with anti-wrinkle and antioxidant benefits.

Are you ready for arguably your biggest and most important glow-up? Schedule an appointment for the Aivee Bride Collection by visiting The Aivee Clinic’s website, and keep posted on all things Aivee by following them on Instagram.

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