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When Dr. Aivee Aguilar-Teo and Dr. Z Teo first made their mark in the beauty industry, it was through their Fort clinic over 15 years ago. The space became the venue in which they built their beauty empire, which has spawned multiple clinics across the country. Today, the flagship store opens once again with a gorgeous new interior design, impressive technological innovations for treatments, and a luxurious ambiance that will have any Aivee Leaguer excited for their next visit to the beauty experts.

Let us take you through a quick tour of the new space which features an in-house restaurant, a beauty bar featuring the newest skincare technology, a private spa for ultimate relaxation and luxury facials, a drip lounge facing the wonderful BGC parks, and four VIP suites where guest don’t only enjoy treatments in the privacy of their own room, but their own exclusive chef as well.

Aivee Cafe Fort
Aivee Cafe Fort

Featuring a modern design with French flair (and Aivee’s signature muted color palate), the clinic was built to give a warm and inviting ambiance to guests. Dr. Aivee’s previous consultation room has now transformed into the Aivee Café, a food outlet that serves healthy but delicious food options and vegan meals. Guests are often surprised to find that even the dessert options are healthy (chocolate is substituted for tofu and you will never be able to tell the difference). For even lighter fare, one can sit comfortably at the bar and order Teo’s signature Holy Kale smoothie. It is soothing to enjoy the healthy beverage before or after a treatment while looking out towards a relaxing view of the Fort’s treetop greenery.

Aivee Clinic - Beauty Bar
Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar (located down the swanky new hallway covered in art works curated by the couple themselves) showcases the Aivee Skincare (Aivee Skinscience) line and the State-of-the-Art Visia Complexion Analysis, which uses advanced technology to read your TrueSkin age accurately in just five minutes. After reading your skin’s texture, wrinkles, red areas, pores, spots and complexions, the Beauty Bar gives the proper diagnosis your skin needs. It also recommends the best treatments at the clinic for clear and radiant skin.

Aivee Clinic - Spa Room
Spa Room

A new spa section has also been constructed within the modern clinic. Concealed with sliding doors for maximum privacy, Aivee’s spa is the ideal place to pamper oneself in ultimate luxury. Signature facials include the Signature Blue Hyaluronic Facial (recommended for those undergoing post procedures such as chemical peeling and aesthetic lasers), the Signature Green Retaclear Facial (rejuvenates oil and acne prone skin by using a deep retinol serum), Siganture White C-Ester Facial (produces radiant and fairer skin beating any skin brightening laser), and the Signature Pregnancy Facial (a facial that uses the safest, most hypoallergenic products to help the mother-to-be sit back and relax).

In addition, luxury facials are also an option for the ultimate pamper session. The Pumpkin Facial maximizes the use of the powerful comprehensive solution of pumpkin enzyme to help clear excessive skin congestion, oiliness and enlarged pores. Astrolift Intensive Anti-aging Facial uses the power of herbal infusions to lift and tighten the skin, easily removing 10 years of off your face. Mega Whitening Facial (Vital C) mixes Ultrasonic and Sonotherapeutic methods together to brighten the skin by using pure Vitamin C. Lastly, the Refirme Facial uses a bipolar radio frequency and infrared light to tighten the skin.

The Aivee Clinic also introduced the new Body Scrub Services, presenting the first 3 methods: The Intensive Smoothing Body Scrub, the Whitening Body Scrub, and the Sea Mineral Glow. It is also suggested to ask doctors at the clinic about the Shining Bright Laser, new technology decades in the making, that leaves skin both radiant and smooth.

Aivee Clinic - Drip Lounge
Drip Lounge

A well-light room facing the Burgos Circle Park is a serene space to get your Aivee Drips. Neutral colors and earth tones calm the body and soul while waiting for your drip to finish. The Teo’s recommend many types of drips to solver your every need. The Revive drip restores energy, electrolytes and hydration, reduces inflammation, balances salts and flushes out toxins resulting to a better night’s sleep and feeling less sick and nauseous. Platinum helps patrons age gracefully and also look and feel younger by using a drip with the combination of anti-aging, anti-oxidant and whitening liquids. The vitamin and energy content of the Powerboost helps physical performance and is also considered a quick hangover cure. Frosty White uses a blend of Vitamin C, Glutatione and minerals to produce fairer and whiter skin. Lastly, the Reshape Drip is the ideal detox drip, speeding up weight-loss and metabolism while boosting energy.




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