All-Day, All-Night, Izakaya

In the heart of Bonifacio Global City is a new establishment that marries Japanese heritage with contemporary innovation.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s November 2023 Issue. 

Izakaya Geronimo boasts a sake bar where one can savor premium sake and Japanese highballs. The ramen-ya produces ramen and comforting Japanese dishes from scratch, while the sushi bar creates sashimi and sushi rolls.

Geronimo is an exclamation used informally to express excitement, courage, or enthusiasm when embarking on a daring or adventurous activity. This izakaya has a more laid-back atmosphere, there’s a lounge area offering Japanese-inspired cocktails and a selection of shareable small plates.

Black cod miso
Black cod miso

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Co-owner Carlo Alvarez says, “People that go out are prioritizing more than just food nowadays. The dining experience is a combination of the food, the feel, the vibe, the music, all of that are taken into account.” 

Adding to that, co-owner Lui Clavano says, “Within our social circle, our friends and colleagues are always on the lookout for something to do and places to go, which aren’t just a restaurant or a club. We imagine Geronimo to be a place you can go for dinner, pregame, and end-game all in one.”

Layu tuna
Layu tuna

Izakaya Geronimo is a welcome addition to BGC’s bustling food scene. It just opened but this early on, the izakaya is set on becoming a neighborhood name that caters to a diverse clientele — from curious young diners looking to explore new tastes to older office workers in the mood to unwind, and residents in the area who want a reliable lunch out with the family. 

Clavano adds, “We knew immediately that we wanted to have the izakaya here. It’s a walkable place, there’s a diverse selection of shops and restaurants, and there’s also people of different ages, interests, and backgrounds. Geronimo is the place to go to, whoever you are.”

Brown butter lobster
Brown butter lobster


From the same team that gave us Wagyu Studio, Izakaya Geronimo presents an inventive menu that blends traditional and global flavors, elevating presentation styles, and introducing creative fusion dishes created by chefs Yoji Kitayama and Erik Idos. 

Kitayama says, “We’d like our food to be fun and familiar, but with an elegant twist.” Idos adds, “With good music and a nice vibe, great food and drinks round up an overall memorable meal you can keep coming back to.”

Negi toro, salmon ikura, and uni caviar temaki
Negi toro, salmon ikura, and uni caviar temaki

Izakaya Geronimo is located on G/F Asian Century Plaza. 3rd Avenue corner 27th Street Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. Open daily for lunch 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and for dinner from 4:30 PM to the last person standing. For reservations or inquiries, call (0962) 0974969 or email [email protected] or visit

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Photos courtesy of Izakaya Geronimo.

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