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Shot in her stately home, Che Uy was the consummate host. The wife of Udenna Corp’s Dennis Uy, the mother of three welcomed Lifestyle Asia in her home. With de Gournay prints on the walls, statement art pieces and elegant coffee table books on display, these choices signified a look into the design sensibilities of Che. “My husband’s only request was a room with green in it,” she says, “because green is his favorite color.”

Well-known in business circles and Davao society, the Uys were recently thrust in the public sphere with Dennis’ businesses a current topic of discussion. Che is still getting used to all the eyes on her. “The attention overwhelms me,” says Che. “As someone who grew up from a small town near Davao, I am still trying to adjust to having countless friends and attending events with many eyeballs staring at me.”

Nothing comforts Che more than being at home with her three children. She shared that her eldest daughter Chelsea helped her write the answers to the interview questions, while her second Charlize has an adventurous spirit. Chuck, the youngest, puts a smile on her face despite any problems she might have.

Olive green dreen strapless dress by MICHAEL LEYVA


Che and Dennis are partners not only at home but also at the workplace. Today, she works at Udenna’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programs with an eye towards charity-driven ventures. Udenna Foundation, which helms Che’s and Dennis’ family gift-giving initiatives and where they are able to support charities close to their hearts like the Balay Pasilungan, The Living Stone Orphanage and Missionaries of Charities. “Aside from this, I am heavily involved in fundraising projects like the Alain Ducasse charity dinner in honor of the Tuloy Foundation,” she shares proudly.“I am also involved in missions for the benefit of our country, like the Marawi Medical Mission and the charitable fund we are setting up for the soldiers in Marawi.”

Working with your husband at home and at work might be hard for some, but Che relishes the experience. “It’s a blessing, as I am able to spend more time with him and we learn from each other as well,” she shares. “It brings a certain experience that cannot be bought and strengthens our relationship.”

Muted pink asymmetric ruched gown with red ribbons by VANIA ROMOFF Inspired by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Che is aware that there are some who might think she only got her position through connections and her husband. “It has been both difficult yet rewarding. Being a woman in business, especially in more male-dominated industries, I have notbeen immune from discriminationbecause there are still men whounderestimate what women can do, even though sometimes, we do a better job than them,” she says. Confident in her worth and abilities, Che knows she wouldn’t have gotten to where she is if it weren’t for her own hard work.

White blouse by PATTY ANG and black belvet blazer by CHRIS DELOS REYES


With everything she has going on, it’s easy for Che’s life to take unwieldy turns. When that happens, she recalibrates by thinking of a time she was super motivated. “The sense of nostalgia takes over and gives me the inspirationand creativity to power through.”

One thing she would like to impart to her children is how important it is for them to see her work. Che realizes her family is extremely lucky to live the lives they do, and she would like her children to understand the value of hard work and what it takes to replicate their success for their own future. “As a working mom, I cannot stress enough the importance of fulfilling something for oneself, and that is something I want to impart to my children.”

All Eyes On Her: Che Uy On Raising a Family and Working on Her Passions

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Written by Sara Siguion-Reyna

Photographed by Shaira Luna

Art Direction by Marc Pagdilao

Photography assisted by Von Luna

Styled by Kim Yap

Makeup by Effie Go

Hair by Jay Wee

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