All-Star Homes: The Stylish and Massive Houses of Top NBA Players - Suite Life

Here’s a look inside their homes, from their off-season abodes to where they’ve chosen to raise their families.

The NBA’s 76th season is underway, returning to a full 82-game season since the pandemic started. In this 2021 to 2022 season, the average salary of pro basketball players is $8.2 million.  

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The average rose by four percent since the prior season, and although the figure increased, it’s the lowest salary growth in seven years. Despite this, their paydays still afford them massive mansions and stylish abodes to come home to after high-pressure games.  

In line with this, we look into the homes of top NBA stars and their mansions worth millions. 

Steph Curry

Where: Malibu, California 

Price tag: $50.1 million

In early 2020, the Golden State Warriors shooting guard purchased  a 13,000 square feet mansion for $50.1 million. It’s price is just a few million dollars away from $45,780,966—his salary for this season. 

The living room has views of the pacific ocean, a fireplace that changes color, and has displays  of seashell fossils found when the house was built. Meanwhile, its “master kitchen” is fully equipped with restaurant features like a custom food prepping station, wine cellar, and a breakfast nook. It could’ve been one of the main selling points for the house given Curry’s wife, Ayesha, is a cookbook author and cooking TV personality.

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Devin Booker

Where: Paradise Valley, Phoenix 

Price tag: $3.2 million 

At 25, with seven seasons under his belt, the Phoenix Suns player is considered one of the NBA’s bright young stars. The Michigan native is currently leading the Suns with an average of 25.5 points per game.

His $3.2 million home in the Phoenix desert doesn’t only look good thanks to Clements Design and L.A.-based Karan Brady Interiors, but it’s practical too. Given Booker and his teammates are at least 6’5, he made sure to acquire lengthy seating areas, next to a custom poker table where they often hang out.

 “When I was a kid growing up in Michigan, I’d close my eyes before bed and imagine what my house might one day look like,” he told Architectural Digest. Now, he has a home that the magazine describes as an “desert oasis.”

Kevin Love

Where: TriBeCa, New York

Price tag: Estimated around $16.95 million

“When I was 18 years old, I had written down in a notebook that I wanted to own an apartment and live in New York by the time I was 30,” the Cleveland Cavaliers center said in his Architectural Digest home tour. And three months before his 30th birthday, Love had closed the deal to his Manhattan home. 

The five-time All-Star player and Team USA 2012 Olympic gold medalist’s home features a nook for his expansive record collection, a hand stitched dining room table that merges two wood planks, and his favorite office area that he considers his “safe haven” outside the “world of basketball.”  

LeBron James

Where: Los Angeles, California

Pricetag: $23 million   

In 2018, James declined the option to renew his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team of Ohio, his hometown. NBA teams from the LA Clippers to the Golden State Warriors were keen to sign the four time NBA champion however, he decided on an enormous $154 million deal with the LA Lakers. 

With a career spanning 19 seasons, James has earned plenty to afford multiple homes in LA and Ohio. His latest acquisition is a $23 million 15,846 square foot mansion. It features eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a swimming pool, a screening room, gym, bar, and a large closet to store his signature Nike sneaker collection.

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