The Ace of Space: Amanda Carpo Talks About Work-life Balance

With KMC Solutions, Amanda Carpo and her dedicated team provide the most suitable environments for the work-life balance their clients aspire to achieve

It’s been years since Lifestyle Asia last had a sit-down interview with Amanda Carpo, co-founder of KMC Solutions. Still, the 24-hour woman who leads a very active lifestyle both in and out of office looks radiant and ageless, as if untouched by daily stress and Manila traffic. And while her passions remain the same (triathlon and running), with the company experiencing the desired exponential growth in the last five years, much of her time has been dedicated to making this achievement possible. “My schedule has changed a bit. I’ve gotten a bit older. It’s sort of like, ‘Can I find more hours in a day? I want it to be a 28-hour day.’ The days haven’t gotten longer but everything else has increased more,” she shares. 

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Amanda Carpo at KMC Solutions.

Managing a fast-paced lifestyle

The concept of work-life balance has continued to elude many who dream of the much-needed state of equilibrium. For Amanda, it is a constantly evolving personal experience directed by goal-setting and commitment. “It’s not always going to be 50-50. At points in your life, you’re going to be focused on different things. So if you’re mid-point in your career, maybe you’re more focused on the work part,” she explains. “You can’t compartmentalize. You can’t just say, ‘My work is in a box. My family’s in a box. My health is in a box.’ Because it all has to come together. Our spaces are made so that you don’t have to set those boxes aside.”

KMC Solutions then presents a more viable answer to the ever-changing demands of an evolving workforce. A few decades ago, multitasking employees were but unicorns in the business landscape. By tradition, managing different facets of life involves separating work issues from personal ones. But the present day’s fast-paced lifestyle has caused a shift in terms of prioritizing one’s goals. “Life is all about exercising one’s options and having the ability to do them wherever you are,” Amanda advises. “I think flexible office spaces are the future.” 

Curating the workspace

With KMC Solutions, both employers and employees are given the capacity to curate their working space according to their needs. With a multitude of branches all over the metro as well as Clark, Iloilo, and Cebu, the company offers wide geography for businesses to operate in the country. Striking also, is the unique layout of each branch, making work feel more welcoming and enjoyable. Aside from the regular meeting rooms and desk areas, well-designed wide open spaces like pantries and other common areas encourage collaboration. Game spaces, yoga rooms, and even nap areas are available for a much-needed rest and respite from the stresses of work. Luxury is found in the flexibility of time, space, and convenience.

Sensitive to the needs of its clients, KMC Solutions addresses the importance of collaborative space and how it greatly affects productivity. Amanda says, “People need collaborative space. If you’re in a team, the most important thing is how the team communicates versus the individual intellect or abilities of the people in that group. They’re more likely to succeed when they have good communication and understanding of one another. Our spaces are fashioned to make those collaborations and make those connections easier. The workplace of the future—that might be just the design. One portion of the design allows people to collaborate. And the second thing is that it allows a business to grow.” 

A culture of personal growth

It’s been a period of high growth for the country, with many businesses coming in, contributing to economic development and business equity. KMC Solutions has been steadfast in providing office spaces to match the industrial revolution. Amanda proudly shares, “We’re growing as fast as the businesses are coming in and we’re adapting to their needs. They might want to start small or they might want to expand, grow, contract, or whatever it is. And we’re there for them. We’re here to make it an environment of growth. And at the same time, we’re making spaces that are nice to be in that are work-friendly for today’s workforce. These are the spaces of the future.” The company is also supportive of the rise of startups in the Philippines. “A lot of what KMC is is an entrepreneurial sort of startup environment. We have ‘Space for the Ingenious’ where KMC has a contest on the best startups and we give them free office space for 6 months. This is just like an incubation thing and they can get a mentor. Filipinos are very entrepreneurial, and we want to grow that. We want to support that ecology if you will. We’re the space for them to grow,” Amanda shares.

Considering how much one spends time working in the office compared to staying at home, more livable spaces such as those provided by KMC Solutions offer business startups and companies looking to branch out more feasible options for progress. With the rapid innovations of technology and the introduction of more advanced automation and artificial intelligence (AI), the promise of dynamic spaces and talented people is a much-appreciated gesture for employers and employees undergoing extreme pressures trying to keep up with the increasing functional demands of their own clients. It promotes a culture of personal growth and learning, a dynamic blueprint for business development and success, and the ability to future-proof incredible ideas. Smart, simple, and sustainable.

For inquiries, visit their website at <>, book online, or call them at +632 779 6540.

Photos by Miguel Abesamis.

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