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Don’t be intimidated by Perry’s Tea Bar & Bake House’s sleek, Instagram-worthy interiors. Despite their shiny marble tables, millennial-friendly neon wall signs, brass finishes, and modern chandeliers, the owners of the newly-opened restaurant actually encourage patrons to stay as long as they want. Whether working on your laptop while enjoying their Afternoon Tea platter or finishing the Pureed Potato Truffled Dip in a slow, leisurely manner, just move in your own pace. In fact, Perry’s should feel like a second home.

Perry's offers a unique Afternoon Tea experience in Manila
Perry’s offers a unique Afternoon Tea experience in Manila

A Pug with a Bow Tie  

When entering the McKinley-located eatery, a large mural of a pug wearing a bow tie will capture your attention. This is Uncle Perry, their mascot. He looks welcoming and adorable, and captures the very essence of what Perry’s is supposed to be—an oasis for tea and food lovers, looking to unwind in a friendly setting. “He’s a travelling dog!” laughed Ro Cortez, a managing partner of the restaurant, who shared that Uncle Perry was beloved to their family. He has long passed from old age, but they wanted to pay homage to him by naming the restaurant after him. Perry was warm and loveable. He was a part of the family, and through his image, Ro hopes that the partners and chefs of Perry’s would eventually feel like family to the customers. In fact, all of the partners at Perry’s are at the restaurant every day, making sure that costumer experience is top-notch.

There is Ro, who is studying to be a Tea Sommelier. She makes sure that diners get the authentic Gong Fu tea experience. Her husband, Hatch is the Executive Chef. The other three managing partners of Perry’s (Head Chef Joma, Sous Chef Nervin, and Danni) may not be family by blood, but they are all individuals who worked with the couple under The Refinery, another restaurant in which they are partners. This has allowed them to bond and become close, almost like a new, little family. Their dynamic inside Perry’s is quite impressive. Danni and Ro are in the front of the house, watching that everything is flowing seamlessly. The three boys are in the kitchen, creating unique gastronomical fare that titillates the palate.

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Two platters are served during afternoon tea. One with sweet confections, the other with savory treats
Two platters are served during afternoon tea. One with sweet confections, the other with savory treats
Turkish Rose Tea Latte
Turkish Rose Tea Latte

Tea Time at Perry’s  

“We wanted a nice place where you could sit down, pause, have tea, and relax—away from the busy streets of Manila. We encourage people to come in and work. We don’t want them to be stuck in traffic,” shared Ro while looking out the eatery’s floor-to-ceiling windows. Perry’s is located at a remote area in Taguig. The lush greens outside remain to be untouched, and the natural light floods into the venue. The food and beverage options at Perry’s are very well worth staying there for several hours.

The Afternoon Tea set menu (served between 2PM-7PM) is very well-curated. Perry’s has thrown out the concept of traditional tea time. Instead of cake stacks and silverware, they opt for copper trays and modern utensils. A set good for two comes with two trays of food—one for pastries, the other for more savory fare. Confections like chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal chocolate cookies, salted caramel fudge, Kaffir scones (served with a delectable Earl Grey butter cream), and brownies are all made in-house. The chefs are proud that almost every single thing served on Perry’s food menu is made inside their kitchen. On the savory tray, enjoy beef empanadas, a mini slider version of their signature Perry’s burger (made with wagyu beef).

Everything is complemented well with the restaurant’s selection of teas. Those looking for fruity flavors could opt for the White Peach, earthy lovers should order the Silver Noodle, and if you’re seeking floral tones, try the Summer Rose—the possibilities are endless. Upon ordering your tea, it served Gong Fu-style table side, a traditional way of drinking tea that involves countless other instrumentals. The staff over at Perry’s is more than willing to give you a crash course on how to do it. “We really try to infuse and play with the tea. Even the gin and tonic is infused with tea!” shared Danni. One of the best tea-infused concoctions at Perry’s is the Turkish Roast Rose Tea Latte. You know it isn’t your typical latte when notes of rose appear on your palette, complementing the coffee flavors seamlessly. It is worth coming to Perry’s for a cup of that alone.

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The restaurant has a fine selection of rose wines
The restaurant has a fine selection of rose wines
Tea-infused cocktails at Perry's
Tea-infused cocktails at Perry’s

Oh Hey Rosé!

Boozy afternoons at Perry’s is possible as well. If you’ve had enough of the extensive selection of teas, the restaurant offers a very good rosé menu. In fact, one whole wall is dedicated to it, with a bright pink neon sign hoovering above countless bottles, reading “Oh hey Rosé!”. Chef Hatch shared that they want to promote and expose the different types of the pink wine to Filipino audiences. They’ve created a cool promo just for that to happen. “We have a staple refill. Basically Buy 1 Take 1 for the wine. Rosé is such a good wine to drink, even in the morning,” he said with glee. The most premium rosé varietals available at Perry’s include Cheateau Beahu-Puits Bordeaux 2017 and Bodega La Flor Pulenta.

In addition to the Rosé promos, Perry’s invites dinners to try their Happy Hour promo, which they are proud to say that they “don’t limit to a single hour.” Unlimited wine is priced at PHP 499, Sangria at PHP 475, Rosé at PHP 550, and a Gin Cart at PHP 600, and it can be enjoyed during your entire duration sitting at the restaurant.

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Baked Chicken Skin
Baked Chicken Skin
Perry's Caesar Salad
Perry’s Caesar Salad

Happy Tummy, Happy Day

The ala carte menu at Perry’s is unique and waiting to be discovered by Manila diners. Start off with appetizers, which include the baked chicken skin, served with lemon zest, labuyo, and chili. “It’s healthier! So you won’t feel bad!” laughed Ro. She shared that so far, it’s been a fan favorite, with some hungry diners even ordering the appetizer with rice for a full meal. The Peanut Curry is an interesting soup choice. It is a velvety, African-inspired soup served with brown rice. However, the King of all Perry’s appetizers is the Pureed Potato Truffle Dip. Served in a tall mason jar, the dip is made of sous-vide potato puree topped with egg and truffle oil. The smell is attractive, but the flavor even better. When the toast on the table was finished, we found ourselves putting the dip on everything—even the burgers!

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Pureed Potato Truffled Dip
Pureed Potato Truffled Dip
Perry's Burger
Perry’s Burger

An order of Perry’s Buger will also leave you satisfied. The wagyu patty is generously large and cooked over an open flame, while the freshly-made milk buns compliment it well. A side of salad is necessary, when it’s as fresh as the restaurant’s Caesar Salad. Although seemingly a typical plate of greens, the chefs have added Kaffir (an ingredient seen in many of Perry’s dishes) to give it that extra, flavorful kick! Heavier fair includes the Crackling Pork Belly with Tamarind Coconut Sauce. It is served with leaks, tomatoes, pumpkin, and black ride. We suggest you put all the ingredients together for a single bite. It’s an explosion of flavors. Lastly, we recommend the Balsamic Glazed Sirloin, for those looking for a main dish with beef.

Balsamic Glazed Sirloin
Balsamic Glazed Sirloin
Desserts at Perry's are playfully decorated with sugar shards
Desserts at Perry’s are playfully decorated with sugar shards

You cannot leave Perry’s without trying their dessert, each one decorated with large, colorful sugar shards. An ultimate favorite is the Dark Cherry Glazed Brownie, described on the menu as “dark cherry balsamic glazed brownie topped with soy-based dark chocolate ice cream.” It is a rich, chocolate overload worth having. On the other end of the spectrum is the Chocolate Yogurt Muffin, which is also worth checking out. For those looking for simple nibblers, the Earl Grey-infused meringues will satisfy your cravings.

One article is not enough to go through the entire menu of Perry’s. There’s much to discover in the new eatery, and I’m excited to return for more. One thing’s for sure: they completed their mission in making us feel like we were just at home (a well decorated, millennial-friendly home, that is!). The friendly vibe was enough to have me licking my fingers in public—something I would never do anywhere else.

Perry’s Tea Bar & Bake House is located at Upper Ground Floor One West Campus, Telus Building, Mckinley West, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. 

Photography by Yukie Sarto 

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