Exclusive Details Of Verniece Enciso And Alfred Dichaves’ Wedding

Lifestyle Asia has caught up with the professionals who helped make this winter wonderland event come to life.

Vlogger and fashion influencer Verniece Enciso recently officially tied the knot with her longtime partner, Alfred Dichaves.

The wedding ceremony took place at Christ the King Parish in Greenmeadows while the reception continued at the Marriott Hotel.

The magical reception venue

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Verniece walked down the aisle in a stunning Michael Cinco gown, with a feathery trail that was adorned with embellishments that mimicked fresh snow.

Verniece’s Michael Cinco gown

But that’s not where the winter theme ended. Here’s a behind the scenes look from the professionals who made the fairytale wedding possible, as well as those who captured the beautiful moments.

Gideon Hermosa, Event Designer

International floral and event designer Gideon Hermosa took charge of setting the stage for the magical evening.

When asked about the couple’s vision for the wedding, the designer says that Verniece’s gown choice already gave them a hint on what she wanted the event to look like.

The couple sharing a kiss on the “frozen lake” aisle

“A modern winter fairytale-esque wonderland,” Hermosa says, describing the venues. “Our couple is young, incredibly in love, and sophisticated. I wanted it to reflect the design of the space.”

Hermosa made sure that the dream wedding was able to reflect the love story, a real-life fairytale, that we’ve seen unfold online.

The mirror floor from above

Veering away from the usual winter theme element of snowflakes, the designer instead turned to creating a faux frozen lake for the aisle. The mirror floor was surrounded by white trees, lights, and fog to recreate that winter scenery.

Verniece chose this theme and was especially drawn to the ice element because of her background in figure skating.

Along with her sparkling gown, Verniece’s bouquet consisted of lily of the valley and stephanotis flowers.

The bride and her bouquet

Heny Sison, Cake Designer

The couple’s wedding cake was a collaboration between Chef Heny Sison and Hermosa. The main vision was to create an all-white cake.

With a flavor profile of cream cheese pound cake, Sison stuck with the theme by decorating it with edible rice paper flowers and leaves. 

The all-white wedding cake

This technique is something she has never tried before. With every piece being carefully handmade, it took her a month to finish it.

Then it was Hermosa’s idea to add white feathers to the cake’s design, to match the rest of the event decor.

The cake decorated with rice paper flowers and feathers

Verniece’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law were Sison’s students at her culinary school. And so the mother-in-law, already familiar with the chef’s talents, booked her one year in advance for the wedding.

Oly Ruiz, Photographer

Oly Ruiz already knew the couple before he worked on their special day, having shot weddings of their other family members. He also worked with them in Siargao, shooting for their brand with Vito Selma.

The photographer was even there in Palawan when Alfred proposed to Verniece. “These two have developed into very good friends of ours already and no coverage is more fun [than] when it’s like that,” Ruiz tells Lifestyle Asia.

The wedding ceremony venue decorated in all-white

Ruiz describes the striking elegance of the venues as “special and unique but it does so in a very unassuming way—just colors and elements that were put together brilliantly.”

Something as outstanding and grand as these venues are always a challenge to photograph correctly, especially with how busy wedding days usually are.

But with Ruiz and Metrophoto’s experience, the team was able to capture all the magical moments throughout the day.

Alfred and Verniece showing off their wedding rings

The photographer has been a part of the wedding planning from the very start, having already discussed everything the couple wanted.

“I love shooting and being with these two,” Ruiz says, when asked about the most memorable part of the event for him.

From starting the reception on time (given such a hectic itinerary) to successfully executing the rooftop shots they “so dearly fought for,” the photographer shares that “Nothing is more rewarding than seeing Verniece and Alf happy and very satisfied.”

One of the newlyweds’ rooftop shots

Erron Ocampo, Photographer

Erron Ocampo was one of Metrophoto’s photographers who led most parts of the shoots. Lifestyle Asia asked him about one of the photos of Verniece and her sister Vern posted on social media.

The shot is of the two sisters smiling as they sat in the car, waiting for the ceremony to start. “It’s probably one of the most nerve-wracking moments for a bride,” the photographer says.

The two sisters waiting for the ceremony to begin

Verniece was quite nervous, not about the wedding, but of her walk and her vows. Every bride probably dreads tripping or choking up in front of all her loved ones.

“Vern was assuring her she’s going to be fine, that she should not overthink it, enjoy her walk and every moment of it, and it’s okay to cry,” Ocampo shares. She also offered her sister chips and chocolate to help ease her tension.

Verniece walking down the aisle

“Since I sat there with them for a while, I also shared that Verniece can pause any time she feels like doing so while walking down the aisle,” the photographer continues. 

“Let her tears fall if there should be any, and just soak in all the emotions she’s feeling, all the happiness, nerves, and awe as she goes through the day.”

Ocampo comments that seeing this touching moment between the sisters is one of the joys of his work as a wedding photographer.

Images by Oly Ruiz, Erron Ocampo, and Rae Cabradilla of Metrophoto.

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