Keanu Reeves Announces Sci-Fi Novel, ‘The Book Of Elsewhere’

Keanu Reeves collaborated with New York Times bestselling author China Miéville in the sci-fi epic, “The Book of Elsewhere.”

Good Morning America introduced a surprise for the Keanu Reeves fans on January 11 about the actor’s new venture. Reeves announced that he’s set to release a new book with his favorite author which is titled The Book of Elsewhere. The book takes inspiration from the actor’s comic book series BRZRKR (read as “berserker”).

Reeves collaborated with one of his favorite authors, China Miéville, who is a New York Times bestselling author.

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A “genre-bending epic

The book is already available for preorder in several bookstore websites, like Waterfront and Penguin Random House. Both websites described the novel as “a genre-bending epic of ancient powers, modern war, and an outcast who cannot die.” 

Reeves told Good Morning America that the book told an immortal warrior’s story and fight “through the ages.” The actor explained further that the book took inspiration from his comic book series because he loved its universe so much.

Keanu Reeves Announces Sci-Fi Novel, ‘The Book Of Elsewhere’
Keanu Reeves authors sci-fi epic “The Book of Elsewhere”/Photo from IMDb

“I wanted to explore it further and thought one of the best ways to do that is through a novel,” he added.

The John Wick actor worked on BRZRKR with writer Matt Kindt and artist Ron Garney in 2021. The book also had a live-action film which is currently in pre-production as per IMDb.

Keanu Reeves announced his book release on “Good Morning America”

The Book of Elsewhere, a dream partnership

Reeves worked with Miéville on this venture. The Guardian reported the actor said it was “extraordinary” to work with Miéville. The author did what Reeves was hoping for and came up with a clear direction for the story. 

“I was thrilled with his vision and feel honored to be a part of this collaborative process,” the actor added, as per The Guardian.

Miéville weighed in on the collaboration and said it was an honor, shock, and delight when Reeves tapped him for it. 

China Miéville, New York Times bestselling author collaborated with Keanu Reeves with "The Book of Elsewhere"
China Miéville, New York Times bestselling author collaborated with Keanu Reeves with “The Book of Elsewhere”/Photo from China Miéville’s website

Del Rey’s publishing director Ben Brusey said that the collaborative endeavor between the two is a dream writing partnership. Brusey explained that they are master storytellers who surprised and won the hearts of readers for “decades.” Del Rey is Penguin’s imprint that will publish the novel in the United Kingdom.

Releasing soon

Brusey expressed that The Book of Elsewhere is science fiction “at its very best.” Its beguiling characters, original plot, and the way it traversed existentialism will leave readers moved.

Penguin’s cover of "The Book of Elsewhere"
Penguin’s cover of “The Book of Elsewhere”/Photo from Penguin Random House’s website

The book releases in July of this year as per Reeves’ announcement in Good Morning America. The Guardian reported that the book debuts on July 23 by Penguin.

“If you read it, I hope you love it,” Reeves said.

Banner photo from IMDb.

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