Harry Berry New York Supports Foundations In Manila

Harry Berry New York brings angelic designs to Manila, supporting Steps Scholarship Foundation and Museo Pambata through a private sale.

Harry Berry recently visited Manila for a private sale benefiting the Steps Scholarship Foundation and Museo Pambata.

Harrison Berrio, the Artistic Director and Founder of Harry Berry New York, handcrafts each unique piece using precious earth elements to create celestial designs. 

Harrison Berrio/Photo via Harry Berry’s official website

The inspiration for his creations originated in Bogotá, Colombia, where Berrio found inspiration in the lush forests and colorful birds, describing the land as “an eternal spring.” 

His journey with Harry Berry New York took on a celestial turn when he arrived in the vibrant capital of art, popular culture, and nightlife—New York City. 

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Wings of Hope

Photo via Instagram @harryberrynewyork

When asked about the inspiration behind his accessories, Berrio explained, “My inspiration is angels. The angelic world, nature, and the angels from our past, our family, and even people we don’t know but who are out there, waiting for us. It’s a spiritual universe of angels.”

Berrio’s motivation to support causes like the Steps Scholarship Foundation and Museo Pambata stems from a deep sense of fulfillment. 

He expressed, “It makes me feel very nice knowing that these pieces I make is going to support these children, who are like angels.”

“I’m inspired by angels. I’ve been reading about them, specifically Archangel Michael, who is my Archangel. He has given me signs. So, every time I start making jewelry, I ask for protection, to protect my hands, my creativity, and I ask all the archangels for their support.”

Angelic Impact

Through his collaboration, Berrio hopes to convey to his clients that “these bracelets are made for protection and good luck. I also encourage my clients to make wishes. It’s about setting goals and believing that they will come true. We have to stay positive and manifest these things in our lives.”

A portion of Berrio’s wishes is for the Steps Scholarship Foundation and Museo Pambata, treating them like angels through Harry Berry jewelry.

Harry Berry jewelry features charms, crystals, and stones, with the bracelets predominantly showcasing angel wings, reflecting Berrio’s deep admiration for angels. 

Each piece is crafted from the heart, infused with the magical energy of the universe. Embrace the angelic spirit of these jewelry pieces as they wrap around you.

You can find Harry Berry New York exclusively at fashion icon Diane von Fürstenberg’s flagship boutique in New York.

Banner photo via Instagram @harryberrynewyork.

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