Worth Every Cent: Anna May Wong Becomes The First Asian American Featured On US Currency - The Scene

America finally gives Anna May Wong her due.

Hollywood legend Anna May Wong has become the first Asian American to have their face featured on United States currency.

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The United States Mint chose to recognize and celebrate Wong through the American Women Quarters Program. Her quarter is the fifth coin overall in the said program.

The coin’s reverse (tails) side shows a close-up image of Wong with her head resting on her hand. Bright lights of a marquee sign surround her.

The US Mint said Wong left a “lasting legacy” for Asian American women in the country’s entertainment industry.

“She is remembered as an international film star, fashion icon, television trailblazer, and a champion for greater representation of Asian Americans in film. She continues to inspire actors and filmmakers today,” the US Mint wrote.

Banner Photo by United States Mint via website.

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