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Everybody’s favorite premium steakhouse La Cabrera opened last night at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. Valued patrons and food journalists were present for the cocktail party and four-course sit down dinner. This is the popular restaurant’s second home in Manila, following the flagship Makati branch.

La Cabrera founder and chef Gaston Riveira flew in from Argentina to cook for the special event. La Cabrera Manila proprietors Carlo Lorenzana and Bobby Tenchavez hosted the party in behalf of their partners. They welcomed everybody to the event by giving a speech of thanks to Chef Gaston and the Shangri-La.  It is a rare occasion because the luxury hotel (also has known signature restaurants) allowed a non-Shangri-La brand restaurant to open within its property.

La Cabrera has been recognized four times by Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants. Their quality of food is Michelin-star worthy.“I don’t have a Michelin-star,” shared Chef Gaston to the crowd last night, who then shared a giggle with him.  It surprises us that Chef Gaston has yet received his.

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Steaks in La Cabrera are cooked the Argentinean way, with only coal and fire
Steaks in La Cabrera are cooked Argentinian way, with only coal and fire  (Photograph by Chino R. Hernandez)

Grilled to Perfection

Since opening the doors to the Makati branch, La Cabrera has earned acclaimed amongst discerning Filipino foodies for their Argentinian steaks and South American cuisine. Chef Gaston opened the original branch at Buenos Aires in 2002. Carlo Lorenzana, on holiday in South America at the time, happened to eat there. He loved the idea so much that he opened the first ever La Cabrera in Asia at the Philippines with his group of partners.

The food offerings at the new branch is the same as the Makati flagship, upholding the quality of delicious, authentic South American cuisine, and introducing it to a new part of Manila. Last night’s dinner found guests indulging on three types of steaks—the cuadril (or the rump steak), entraña (skirt) and the asado del centro (beef short ribs), all cooked in signature La Cabrera style—inside their enormous grill with only charcoal and fire. Take note, La Cabrera uses no butter on their steak, and yet the flavors still explode.

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Chef Gaston Riveira flew in from Buenos Aires to be at the dinner (Photograph courtesy of La Cabrera's Instagram account @LaCabrera_MNL)
Chef Gaston Riveira flew in from Buenos Aires to be at the dinner (Photograph courtesy of La Cabrera’s Instagram account @LaCabrera_MNL)


The restaurant is well-stocked with selections from Lagarde wines
The restaurant is well-stocked with selections from Lagarde wines  (Photograph by Yukie Sarto)

Everything with Wine, Please 

Lorenzana and Tenchavez are also the Philippine’s official distributors of Lagarde, an Argentinian wine company that opened its first winery in Mendoza in 1897.  In every La Cabrera-hosted dinner, expect ideal wine pairings with Lagarde.  Last night, three steaks were eaten with a Lagarde Guarda Malbec DOC 2013. The subtle, light-bodied wine enhanced the flavors of the meat.

The famous Chocotorta (the Argentinian birthday cake made out of creamed dulce de leche and chocolate cookie crusts) and a crepe filled with Argentine dulce de leche were served for dessert. It was paired with Altas Cumbres Extra Brut 2017.

In between courses, guests were treated to La Cabrera’s unlimited sidings. Creamed spinach, potato wedges, and Chimichurri were favorites amongst those who were present. Our table, sinfully feasted on a special order of the restaurant’s life-changing Beef Chicharrons. Trust me, after the first bite of this deep-fried, fatty delicacy, and you will never look at chicharon the same way again.

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La Cabrera has officially opened its second Philippine branch at the EDSA Shangri-La
La Cabrera has officially opened its second Philippine branch at the EDSA Shangri-La (Photograph courtesy of La Cabrera’s Instagram account @LaCabrera_MNL)

A Tango to End the Night

La Cabrera had one more surprise in store. They introduced two professional dancers who performed a tango right in front of the new branch’s open kitchen. It made guests feel as if they were right in the heart of Buenos Aires, enjoying the live entertainment and the food by Chef Gaston.

When everyone was full and happy, they all thanked the restaurateurs for an exceptional meal. Many mentioned how ecstatic they were that there is now a La Cabrera in the Northside of the Metro. City dwellers from Ortigas, Pasig and Quezon City can now have their Argentinean cuisine whenever they want (and without having to battle the crazy EDSA traffic towards Makati).

To remind us that La Cabrera is here to stay, Carlo Lorenzana and Bobby Tenchavez passed around mason jars of Chimichurri for guests to bring home. It’s a little jar of food heaven that reminded us that whenever we wanted a perfectly cooked steak, La Cabrera EDSA Shangri-La is a only a few minutes away.

La Cabrera is located at the 2nd floor of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. For reservations please phone 0967 237 7940 .

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