Mexican Museum Museo Tamayo Organizes Pet-Friendly Exhibit

Museo Tamayo in Mexico organized a pet-friendly exhibit people and their furry friends can enjoy. “#ARTEyPERROS” ran from October 15 to November 5.

Mexico City’s Museo Tamayo organized a pet-friendly exhibit that ran from October 15 to November 5. The museum presented its #ARTEyPERROS exhibition which allowed access to people alongside their canine companions.  

Curatorial assistant for the museum’s collection Lorenza Errasti said the exhibition contained art that both owners and their dogs can experience together.

Errasti explained further that the exhibition’s readings are based on emotions. “The affectionate relationship that exists between an owner and their dog is always there,” she continued. “Even more so now that we open this space for that.”

Reuters reported as well that dogs and their special bond with humans inspired artists for years. 

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Museum initiated rules for all visitors

Museo Tamayo established a few rules for visitors and their dogs upon seeing the exhibition. The museum said that pets should be attended to at all times and access will be given to a maximum of 4 dogs at a time.

A dog poses with an artwork at the #ARTEyPERROS exhibit
A dog poses with an artwork at the #ARTEyPERROS exhibit/Photo via Instagram @samboriana

The museum stressed as well that the minimum distance between the artworks and the dogs with their companions must be 1 meter. It required the dogs to be put on leash upon the duration of their visit for a more organized viewing experience.

#ARTEyPERROS highlights dogs’ importance in art

Mexico and Latin American news portal Expansion posted on Instagram that #ARTEyPERROS highlighted the historical and artistic importance of dogs in art. It dates back from prehistoric times up to the present day. 

The pet-friendly exhibit included a capsule exhibition at the museum alongside events and special programs. It explored modern views of canine nature which became prominently visible in pop culture as per Expansion.

Furry friends and their owners flock to Museo Tamayo’s #ARTEyPERROS exhibit
Furry friends and their owners flock to Museo Tamayo’s #ARTEyPERROS, a pet-friendly exhibit/Photo via Instagram @eneltamayo

#ARTEyPERROS stands for “art and dogs.”

The pet-friendly exhibit garnered positive responses from visitors

#ARTEyPERROS included pieces from Haris Epaminonda, Max Ernst, Mathias Goeritz, Pierre Huyghe, Danh Vo and Mario Garcia Torres.

It featured a poem that Luis Felipe Fabre created alongside the phenomenal artworks from the celebrated creators.

Euronews reported the exhibit generated positive responses as people enjoyed the concept of appreciating art alongside pets.

Furry friends and their owners enjoy the #ARTEyPERROS exhibit in Museo Tamayo
Furry friends and their owners enjoy the #ARTEyPERROS exhibit in Museo Tamayo/Photo via Instagram @eneltamayo

People agreed and suggested more experiences that would allow them to bond with their pets in events together.

“It would be incredible if there were more spaces like this, with art, where we could spend time with our dogs,” a photographer named Manu Echeverria said.

Banner photo via Instagram @eneltamayo.

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