Artistic Horology: Luxury Watch Brand Partners With Legendary Museum

An incidental collaboration weaves art and watchmaking together.

Art grows through time. Each era gives birth to a new form and style of art. From the romanticism of 18th-century Europe to the contemporary art of today, time and art are always in tangent with each other, always meeting at one point. 

In a collaboration between two iconic institutions, art and time collide. The partnership between Vacheron Constantin and the Louvre Museum combines masterful horology and art in one watch. Both institutions lean on what they do best and combine their expertise to create a collaboration that would last a lifetime. 

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Artistic Opportunity 

The collaboration between the master watchmakers and the museum started in 2019, wherein the partnership echoed the respective legacies of the two institutions, sharing the same respect for history, culture, and heritage. The successful alliance led to the 2020 partnership that paved the way for a collaborative auction.

Laurence des Cars of Louvre Museum and CEO Louis Ferla of Vacheron Constantin
Laurence des Cars of Louvre Museum and CEO Louis Ferla of Vacheron Constantin/Photo via Vacheron Constantin website

The 2020 collaboration where Vacheron Constantin took part in was an auction to support a series of educational workshops at the Louvre. All proceeds went to Le Studio, a place of learning and sharing that is open to everyone which was also designed to help people become familiar with the museum, its collections, and its crafts, including an introduction to the methods of the plastic arts. 

Photo via Vacheron Constantin website

The luxury watchmakers created a custom piece for the winning bidder. Vacheron Constantin provided the chance for a customer to create a watch with a piece of art from the museum collection on the dial. 

Vacheron Constantin
Photo via Vacheron Constantin website

This year, the partnership between the two brands continues, creating a personal experience for the customers. “I enthusiastically welcome this collaboration between our two institutions, both centuries-old yet firmly rooted in the 21st century, as evidenced by the favor they enjoy among an audience of connoisseurs”, said Louis Ferla, CEO Vacheron Constantin.The successful 2020 collaboration initiated the A Masterpiece On Your Wrist program. Where the watchmaker’s customers can customize their watches with artworks from the Museum collections. 

Banner photo by Vacheron Constantin website.

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