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Dressed in red and crowned with scientific praise, Astaxanthin is a skin care ingredient you should be recognizing as anti-aging royalty

When you hear an ingredient you’ve never heard before in your beauty products, your mind can go one of two ways: either you begin to doubt and stay cautious because of unfamiliarity, or fill up with excitement and wonder out of curiosity. It’s only apt–these are products that directly affect your bodies, especially nearing your 40s. But if this ingredient is backed up by research and widely celebrated by professionals to reign supreme, why worry? This is the case with Astaxanthin, crowned the Queen of Antioxidants. Here are a few of its defining characteristics that have boosted its status and made it deserving of the throne:

Astaxanthin is a natural antioxidant

You may be familiar with the general sense of what antioxidants are–molecules that fight free radicals in our body to maintain our cell’s health. But not all antioxidants are made equally, and certainly, not all of them come from the same source. As a naturally-produced carotenoid, Astaxanthin has its origins traced to freshwater microalgae, where it is derived from. In fact, this is the same nutrient that gives animals like salmon and flamingoes their pinkish tone, since they feed on these algae often. When processed and treated, Astaxanthin is a powerful ingredient to boost our skin’s health. 

Astaxanthin cares for your skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles

Do you ever get the feeling that your skin is loosing its luster and starting to form more wrinkles around your eyes and mouth areas? As an antioxidant, Astaxanthin balances our skin cells’ conditions to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, retaining your supple skin especially as you enter your 40s. No more nervous looks in the mirror before meeting new faces, or long self-checks before an important video call!

Be protected from dark spots and inflammation

Confidently bare your skin and toss away any worry of uneven skin tone. More than just caring for how your skin feels, Astaxanthin also serves as a barrier of defense for your skin from harsh sunlight, lightening existing dark spots and even preventing the formation of new dark spots or inflammation. But more than evening out skin tone, Astaxanthin also aids in protection against the sun’s UV rays. Continuous exposure to UV rays can cause premature aging of the skin, making you look older than you actually are. But thankfully, maintaining antioxidants in your daily diet can help build skin’s moisture to curb these effects.

Feel your skin become more plump and youthful

From anti-aging to protection, this broad benefit range makes Astaxanthin 10 to 100 times more powerful than just vitamin C or other carotenoids, crowning it as queen–the best of the bunch. That is what makes it a vital component of Myra Ultimate, and one you should not miss out on.

Astaxanthin is stronger with Vitamin E and Lycopene

All queens need an army to defend the castle, right? Astaxanthin in Myra Ultimate is a lot more potent because it is joined by the sun-shielding Vitamin E to boost skin’s moisture and smoothness, as well as the structure-sustaining Lycopene to help firm and plump your skin. This creates a triage of antioxidants that defend your skin from further signs of skin aging as the years go by. This is anti-aging at its fullest force, in one easy and convenient ingestible solution through Myra Ultimate. With regular intake, improvements will show in just four to six weeks. Then, bearing your radiant and youthful skin, friends and family can truly see you as the queen you have always been to them.

Let a queen work on the inside to reveal the true queen on the outside with Myra Ultimate. For more information, visit their website.

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