At the 2023 Lifestyle Asia Gala, a Cozy Nook Inspires Relaxation

Guests made glamour look easy at the 2023 Lifestyle Asia Gala, in partnership with Furnitalia

After a four-year hiatus, it feels perfectly apt that Lifestyle Asia’s big comeback gala centered around the enjoyment of a leisurely dinner by the lake. On Saturday, guests put a pause on their hectic city schedules to converge at Lakehall at Nena’s Sanctuary, a stunning event space in Sta. Rosa Laguna that combines dreamy lakeside panorama with garden views.

Guests approaching the entrance were guided through a lush photo wall, where their portraits were taken. Afterward, they were welcomed by the Afro-Brazilian percussion ensemble, Bateria Brigada, serenading in front of the beautiful lakefront. “The community here is really about nature. Our connection with nature and our Creator,” Nena Tantoco, co-founder of Sta. Elena Golf and Country Estates where the venue sits, shared. “So we’re so grounded.”

In between enjoying live performances, mingling at cocktail tables, and savoring the delights of the charcuterie grazing table, guests like Iza Calzado, Aivee Teo, and Nicole Cordoves made glamour look easy. Facilitating this was a spacious nook near the entrance, featuring the Calligaris Dormeus sofa and two Islands Side Table pieces from Furnitalia. While the showroom houses numerous top Italian luxury furniture brands, Furnitalia co-founder Florence Ko instantly thought of the Dormeus sofa when she saw the venue for this year’s gala. “It’s more relaxed and fits the [luxe lounge] theme.”

Lifestyle Asia Gala 2023
The corner showcased the Dormeus sofa and two Islands Side Table pieces from Italian brand Calligaris
Furnitalia co-founder Florence Ko
Furnitalia co-founder Florence Ko handpicked the furniture for the nook

Opulence Design Concept founders Gerry and Jinky Sy prioritize aesthetics in addition to comfort. “[A good sofa] has to look good and classic,” they noted. After work, they indulge in their own destressing routine by playing with their four young children. They humorously remarked, “We’re not sure if it’s relaxation, but it’s fun!”

Opulence Design Concept founders Gerry and Jinky Sy on the Calligaris Dormeus sofa
Opulence Design Concept founders Gerry and Jinky Sy

As for interior designer and founder of FTA Design and Phoenix Home Nix Alañon, he suggested finding personal zen moments throughout the day. “It could be five minutes, 10 minutes, even one minute—as long as you find that you zone out. That’s it.”

Interior designer Nix Alañon on the Calligaris Dormeus sofa
Interior designer Nix Alañon
Dr. Aivee Teo and Keli on the Calligaris Dormeus sofa
Dr. Aivee Teo and daughter Keli

The Furnitalia nook not only offered a cozy seating arrangement but also served as the ideal spot for friends and guests to engage in conversations, contributing to the relaxed and luxurious ambiance of the event.

For more information, visit Furnitalia’s website here

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