It May Have Rained, But What Can You Do to Aid the Bushfire Crisis in Australia? - The Scene

The current bushfire crisis has taken a devastating toll on local residents and wildlife in Australia’s affected territories, prompting the world to slowly take action. Here are ways you can help.

For the past months, Australia has been under a natural calamity with bushfires raging through the country’s rural areas. Destroying towns and threatening the livelihood of residents, as well as local wildlife. Although bushfires are a seasonal occurrence in the country, the current fire burning across the countryside has resulted in one of their worst bushfire seasons in recorded history. The fires have so far ravaged over 6 million hectares of land in New South Wales alone, the most affected state by the fires; caused 25 deaths and leaving thousands homeless.

Though thousands of kilometers away from our shores, there are means to send help. Here are ways you can send some love – big or small.


Red Cross

Photo from the Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross accepts donations through their website to support their Disaster Relief and Recovery which supports victims of the seasonal bushfires.


New South Wales Rural Fire Service

Photo from the New South Wales Rural Fire Service

The New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is the volunteer-based firefighting body of New South Wales, the state affected most by the bushfires. Donations can be made to the agency itself or directly to their volunteers at their website.


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Photo from Foodbank Australia

As the country’s largest hunger relief organization, Foodbank Australia plays a crucial role in the  affected communities by the bushfire disaster – supplying food, water, and relief goods to communities. Monetary and food donations can be arranged through their website.



Photo from WIRES

The largest animal rescue charity in the country, WIRES Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit rehabilitation organisation focused on the preservation and care Australia’s fauna. Serving a crucial role in the rescue and healing of animals during the bushfires, WIRES is fully funded by public donations which can be done through their website.

Featured Image from South China Morning Post

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