Beyoncé Reveals New Album Name, ‘Cowboy Carter’

“Renaissance” singer Beyoncé revealed “Cowboy Carter” on her website and is slated for release on March 29.

Singer and businesswoman Beyoncé announced during last month’s Super Bowl halftime show that she will release act ii of her 2022 album, Renaissance. She did it through an advertisement with Verizon where she readily said “Drop the new music” at the end of the clip. Recently, she finally revealed the title of her new album on her website, set for release on March 29: Cowboy Carter.

Her recent new songs “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” made it to Billboard’s country music chart last month. These two songs will be part of her upcoming eighth studio album.

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“Cowboy Carter,” a country album

Beyoncé’s fans dubbed her upcoming album as Renaissance: Act II, or simply Act II prior to the singer’s announcement. A report from People confirmed the latest release will be a country album.

The singer revealed in 2022 that she planned three parts, the first act being Renaissance and the now-announced album as second act. She didn’t disclose what they are and whether or not they would all be an album

The Guardian reported Beyoncé recorded the three-act project over three years during the pandemic. The liner notes accompanying Renaissance contained this statement. “A time to be still, but also a time I found to be the most creative,” it read. 

Beyoncé will release “Cowboy Carter” on March 29/Photo from Beyoncé’s official website

The singer revealed the genre of act ii or Cowboy Carter through her two newly-released songs. “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages” had rhythms that hinted on her Houston roots with rustic beats, with her vocals highlighting a Southern intonations. 

Her current visuals on social media and during the Grammy Awards leaned country as she wore a cowboy hat and a Louis Vuitton leather skirt. 

Chart-topping lead singles

“Texas Hold ‘Em” ended up in Billboard’s Hot 100, making it her ninth single to dominate the survey. Beyoncé also made history and became the first Black woman on the platform’s Hot Country Songs chart.

The official “Texas Hold ‘Em” visualizer.

Meanwhile, “16 Carriages” made the Hot Country Songs list and landed at number nine last month. 

“16 Carriages” is a single on “act ii” or “Cowboy Carter.”

Time reported aside from the title, release date, the lead singles, and visual clues, not much details came into light. Country icon Dolly Parton, however, revealed in an interview that Beyoncé recorded a version of her hit song “Jolene.” She expressed excitement that the record might make it in the “Cozy” singer’s upcoming album.

Website teaser

People can see the Cowboy Carter teaser image upon visiting Beyoncé’s website. The image shows a photo of a horse saddle with a sash colored red, white, and blue. It has the album’s name written on the sash.

The Renaissance singer’s upcoming album, Cowboy Carter, as seen on her website
The Renaissance singer’s upcoming album, Cowboy Carter, as seen on her website/Photo from Beyoncé’s official website

Pre-saving and pre-ordering are now available on the site. CD box sets, vinyls, and sets with t-shirts can be seen upon clicking the shop tab here

Banner photo from Beyoncé’s official website.

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