A Cookie As Your First Step to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle? Yes, It's Possible. - New Restaurants

A common hot topic amongst friends and on everyone’s online feed is how we should spread awareness on being more environmentally mindful of our lives. Many thought pieces and videos have been posted around social media that constantly remind us that the time to act is now. Be it lessening our use of single-use plastics or minimizing our daily carbon footprint, these acts are impactful at the singular scale, many of these efforts may be too daunting or too much of a commitment to start a greener way of life. 

Bake House’s colorful entrance at the main lobby of Shangri-La at the Fort

It can be an intimidating change for some, if you don’t know where to start, but the path to an environmentally conscious life has its easy entrances. One of which is patronizing businesses that support a circular economy, establishments that actively minimize their waste, and maximize the reuse or repair of as much resources available to them. Thankfully, many spots such as these have started opening in Metro Manila in the form of apparel stores, trinket shops, sustainable grocers, and most excitingly, bakeries.

Bake House’s front counter showcasing all their baked goods for the day.

Bake House in Shangri-La at the Fort may seem like another ordinary hotel cafe with its brightly colored entrance paired with its warm and welcoming interiors. This corner bakery’s true nature comes in its baked goods and how they create and handle them. From their biodegradable takeout supplies that are made from compost materials to their straws made from corn starch, this bakery clearly has more brewing than it lets on in appearance. This is because Bake House was established with a philosophy of making things “with a conscious heart.” This belief bleeds into their operations with the aforementioned biodegradable takeout-ware and to their baked goods as well.

Bake House’s Conscious Cookie

The one menu item that shines in representing their moral code, is their Conscious Cookie, which is made from cookie trimmings of the day and excess ingredients that would have been thrown away. Leaving no space for waste, this BGC bakery makes use of these, still very usable, ingredients into cookies that vary in taste daily. This adds to the Conscious Cookie’s charm, as every day you get a new unique flavor, but more importantly you get to enjoy this sweet treat knowing that it was made with the novel idea of reducing waste. Yes, it’s a small step – but it leads to bigger steps. The more we support products that promote a more sustainable business model, the more it’s likely for other establishments to follow. Bake House has earnest intentions with its green philosophy, this shows in their products. Hopefully, other establishments will follow as well. 

Bake House is located at the Main Lobby, Shangri-La at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. For orders and inquiries, contact (820)-0888.

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