Make Your Bathroom A Stress-free Sanctuary With Duravit - Suite Life

Make room to breathe and unwind by keeping clutter out of sight through proper organization and smart design with Duravit

If there’s one space in our homes where our stresses and worries should never reside in, it’s our bathrooms. The bath should be seen as a sanctuary of cleanliness and relaxation, with its pristine surfaces and neat arrangements. But lately, we may find ourselves in this space feeling stuffed with countertops littered with our care and beauty products, cleaning products in plain sight, and maybe even a towel on the floor. An orderly and well-organized bathroom enhances the sense of serenity, and through the addition of the right Duravit products, you can create a space that combines orderliness with smart design.

Stow away everything you need in the bathroom in tall and semi-tall cabinets. The XViu tall cabinet features a smoked-glass door that is semi-transparent yet still gives the impression of privacy. Its elegant stance also makes it a fit for any bathroom interior. The Luv handle-free drawers provide plenty of storage space below your washbasin, right where you need them. The feeling of tidiness also comes with elegance, as the Luv console panels and organizer systems can be individually customized to suit your style.

Give back to the vanity the respect it deserves. Instead of standing in front of your mirror with bottles and tubs in sight, store them in mirrored cabinets. More than being a storage space, it also makes the room feel larger thanks to its full-length mirrors. For the XViu mirror, it comes with integrated lighting, creating a bright and friendly atmosphere to lighten your mood. After all, being at peace is cleansing yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Smart accessories, such as those from the Starck T series by designer Philippe Starck, are the perfect complement to a tidy bathroom. Combining functional rigor with organic forms, these eye-catching elements attractively showcase everyday objects such as soaps and towels. In fact, all 16 elements in the new series are available in both Chrome and the on-trend Black Matte color configurations. With their timeless design, they can be combined in any manner of ways, providing a stress-free flexibility in design for the user–the icing on the cake of any holistic bathroom interior.

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