These Brands are Changing the Game in the Beauty Industry

Women are constantly seeking for the latest beauty products to add to their regimen. From skincare essentials to makeup, women desire for products that would deliver and enhance results. To respond to this demand, beauty brands from across the globe continue to refine their formula and even their packaging. There is a shift from creating products with complicated labels to straightforward and easy to use ones. One of these companies is Beauty Bar which presented the newest independent brands that can change the game in the beauty industry.

The Inkey List skin care essentials.

The changing trends

Makeup and skin care may be treated as an indulgence at present. In the past, it was a necessity in early Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Chinese times. In Egypt, nature was the primary source for skincare. Ostrich eggs, milk, dough, and plant extracts like aloe vera created body oils and scrubs. The oils work to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Even Queen Cleopatra became famous for bathing in sour milk. Similar materials and method applied for the Chinese. They used seaweed and jellyfish as natural cleansers. For skin lighteners, they used Songyi mushroom. It is also an ingredient used in modern creations.

In cosmetics, Greeks and Romans favored a natural look with their makeup. This sets them apart from Egyptians who desired elaborate eye looks using black galena and green malachite. Queen Cleopatra became the epitome of eternal beauty in these times with her signature eyes smeared with kohl.

From hair dyes to perfumes to facial and body creams, beauty essentials continue to improve considering the changing trends across the world. The industry is responding with an explosion of innovative products that not only deliver results but packed in Instagram-worthy containers without complicated description labels.

Fancy Handy Pineapple Face Mask, Starfish Sleeping Cream, and Patchology Aquaflash Jar.

The young, independent brands

With the influx of creative makeup and skincare products, Beauty Bar collaborated with international beauty brands to bring them into the country. These brands and companies offer beyond natural, cruelty-free, and effective products. These are a combination of smart, straightforward, and easy-to-use essentials. The five brands are Patchology, Fancy Handy, BOD (Body on Demand), The Inkey List, and Lilo Lolo.

Patchology targets the needs of women who would like to quick special treatments to refresh puffy eyes, hydrate dry lips, and skin. The products range from eye and lip gels to face masks to intensive foot peel treatment.

Fancy Handy makes skincare routine simple and fun. Hand creams, moisturizing stick, face scrub, and clay masks are packed in lovely shapes of pineapple, banana, starfish, and tomato. Having these delightful products makes your routine even exciting to do.

Body on Demand Mermaid Bath Salt, Fancy Handy Starfish Sleeping Cream, and Patchology Cloudmasque Jar.

Body on Demand targets boosting of body confidence with their 3-minute “anti-Spanx” regimen, de-bloating 20 minute-bath salts, glitter body scrubs, and mermaid shimmer sorbet. There are also vegan tanners that can give you a sun-kissed glow and remove cellulite from the skin.

Lily Lolo Natural Lipstick and Mineral Blush.

Lily Lolo prides itself in creating natural makeup. Their products have no synthetic fillers, silicones, perfumes, and parabens; only BUAV approved.

Face and eye products with complicated packaging are long gone from the industry. The Inkey List packs its products with straightforward labels and descriptions. From the ingredients to the benefits, the packaging already informs the user of its product at a glance.

These new independent brands are part of the game changers in the industry. Companies continue to enhance their products to meet the beauty demands and expectations of women.

After all, obtaining a flawless skin and confidence in your body starts with finding and experimenting with beauty essentials that work for you.

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