Beauty Mavens and Wellness Enthusiasts You Should Follow on Instagram

With numerous influencers and Instagram accounts on beauty, health, and wellness, it can get difficult to know who to follow. Whether you are looking for the perfect makeup for a yacht party or wanting to keep in shape before your hike and camping trip, you’d prefer to get tips and lessons from experts. We have listed down society figures who are not only excelling in their industries. They are also beauty mavens and wellness enthusiasts who share their routines with their followers on Instagram. Start following these beautiful and empowered women to inspire you to have a beautiful and active lifestyle.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio

Known as: a brand ambassador, beauty columnist, and interior designer. Cat has been the endorser of many brands from different fields like beauty, fashion, technology, and home products. What makes her unique among other columnists is her bright personality and sharp, straightforward manner of sharing her makeup tips, outfit for the day, and product reviews.

Look out for her: intense workouts. Cat mostly keeps in shape at Elev8 Lagree Fitness Studio and One Life Studio. Her exercises may be tough and she admits to getting sore muscles afterward, yet she knows all the hard work is worth it. Simply look at her toned arms and know it is the result of discipline and a strong desire to keep her body in shape.

Heart Ongpauco-Escudero

Known as: a fashion enthusiast, beauty maven, actress, artist, and advocate. In public, Heart may be first known as an actress but she grew up to be a smart, graceful, and artistic woman with a strong sense of style. A glance on her Instagram feed shows her beautiful looks for different events, shoots, or even a simple a day out. Throwing in photos of her artworks and dogs like Panda, Heart’s feed is a delight to scroll through.

Look out for her: style ensemble for the day. Heart dons on apparel from different brands and designers. Yet whatever she chooses to wear, her outfits always enhance her beauty and eye for elegant pieces.

Mikaela Lagdameo-Martinez

Known as: an international model for almost two decades across different campaigns in HongKong, Thailand, Japan, and other Asian countries. Apart from sharing her hair and makeup tips on YouTube, Mikaela or Mika also has a lifestyle website where she uploads articles on fashion, motherhood, travel, and thoughts on various topics. On Instagram, she posts her travels, memorable moments with her family, and product reviews.

Look out for her: Pilate sessions posts. She only started in January this year and her body greatly improved. She has stronger wrists though she has been doing therapy for months. The exercise also helped in eliminating her dysmenorrhea during critical times in every woman’s month.

Jess Wilson

Known as: the co-founder of local brand Sunnies Face. With an eye for beauty and a career-driven mindset, Jess is certainly helping Sunnies Face reach a wider market. With the innovative products and beautiful packaging of the makeup brand, it is no wonder more people are following the founders for the next releases. And with the natural beauty and style of Jess, trying on and promoting the makeup is an easy task.

Look out for her: makeup looks. Most of these feature the wide array of Sunnies Face products and the brand’s latest releases like the Lip Dip, a hybrid of liquid lipstick and lip balm.

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Swipe to see a video of me when i first started. I was first week of Feb 2019. I went to the gym with my husband who was teaching me how to do a proper push up. I couldn’t do it at the time. I was bawling my eyes out out of frustration. I hated feeling so weak and defeated. He took the video just for our own personal archives and because he knows me well he knew that i would be able to look back at the video and laugh. 😆Its quite an embarrassing video, but I decided I wanted to share it because I’m sure others may currently be on the same boat. • Its been almost exactly 4 months since I started my fitness journey. No, it wasn’t easy. Yes, it was full of challenges – especially mentally. I was starting from scratch and needed to build everything up all over again. I needed to learn proper form, strength, endurance – but most importantly I had to learn patience, diligence, and worthiness. Yes worthiness because a lot of mom guilt and lack or self worth is linked with not being able to stick with a proper workout regime. • I just want to remind those of you who may have been where I was at that if you want to, you can. Stop saying “I’ll try” and “I can’t” and start saying “I can and I will.” Start small, just start somewhere and keep going. You might feel defeated on certain days but don’t give up because the changes will come. • Do not compare your progress and time frame with mine. We are all different, built different. It may take longer for some, it might happen quicker for others. Its about learning to enjoy the process, make it a habit – love the sweat, endorphin rush, the feeling of your muscles being active. • • • Thank you for the paparazzi shots and quick edit video @upfoshow 😊

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Xandra Rocha-Araneta

Known as: a food and travel enthusiast and an exercise junkie. Alexandra or Xandra describes herself on Instagram as a “curious little bunny” yet her posts show her big passion for adventures and celebrating life. Scrolling through her feed, you can see almost every aspect of her life, especially her love for working out.

Look out for her: inspiring workouts. Xandra not only shares her training but she also encourages her followers to exercise patience and diligence in keeping in shape. It is difficult to start a fitness journey but she advises not to compare time frames with others and focus on your own goals.

Ria Prieto

Known as: a fashion stylist, a former lifestyle editor, and columnist. Maria Melissa Francisco or Ria to friends gives tips on style pieces and accessories to wear through her Instagram posts and website Ria Recommends. The beauty maven and fashion enthusiast is the go-to for suggestions on style items, makeup, and skincare products.

Look out for her: beauty and fashion recommendations. With the playful vibe yet elegance of her choice of apparel, you will certainly get ideas on what to wear for your casual dates, day stroll, and beach trips.

Isabelle Daza

Known as: an actress, model, and television host. Isabelle or Belle to her close friends is a fitness junkie with a passion for traveling. A scroll through her feed shows her trips to different parts of the world, doing adventurous activities like paragliding. Keeping her mind active and body fit are essentials to these trips. That is why she also posts videos of exercises that her followers can do and get inspired by.

Look out for her: workout routines. Isabelle admits she tends to overtrain that is why she emphasizes the importance of rest and doing meditation and wellness retreats from time to time.

Amina Aranaz-Alunan

Known as: a co-founder of ARANÁZ and SoFa Design Institute, and President of the Fashion and Design Council of the Philippines. Amina mostly shares the latest works of the handmade label ARANÁZ. As the lead designer, she shows how the bags can work with certain style ensembles.

Look out for her: posts featuring ARANÁZ. You can get ideas on which designs to get and how you can work with the pieces.

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