Lockdown Beauty: 5 Treatments You Can Indulge Your Skin In Over Quarantine

In these challenging times, our skin needs attention, too. We’ve listed ways you can better take care of it.

In a health crisis, our immune system is not the only one we should look out for. Feelings of anxiety, fear, and stress over the current situation can trigger flare-ups, and negatively affect our skin’s overall health. Even beauty enthusiasts like Jess Wilson experienced breakouts, especially during the early days of the pandemic.

To address these concerns, we’ve listed some of the beauty treatments you need this quarantine. You can either do it at home with a portable device or make a quick visit to professional clinics in the metro (for when they’ve reopened).

Light Hair Removal Device – The Aivee Clinic

The temporary closure of non-essential businesses in lockdowns includes waxing salons. Many resorted to traditional hair removals like shaving or tweezing. But this month, Aivee Clinic launched a portable hair removal device that can be used at home. Called Aivee LHR (Light Hair Removal), the device targets hair roots and reduces hair growth through high-intensity light pulses. The treatment also stimulates collagen regeneration and improves functions of blood vessels, which is supposed to help the skin stay smooth and healthy.

Click here to visit The Aivee Clinic’s information on LHR.

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Clear + Brilliant Laser – Avignon Clinic

This fractional laser technology mainly targets your pores to minimize them. Doing so decreases the excessive buildup of oil and dead skin cells, and can reduce breakouts. The laser also supposedly restores the damaged tissues in your skin to refine its tone and lessen the appearance of wrinkles. The areas it treats are the face, neck, and decolletage.

Click here to visit Avignon Clinic’s Instagram for more information.

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Vivace – Belo Medical Group

The latest device of Belo Medical, Vivace is meant to tighten skin and improve its overall texture. The technology combines micro-needling and radiofrequency. Together with 36 microneedles, the device creates tiny injuries on the surface of the skin. This allows the skin to naturally heal while producing more elastin and collagen.

Click here for more information.

LED Light Mask – Love K-Derma

If you prefer home devices to use while in a lockdown, the LED Light Mask can be an option. Heart Ongpauco-Escudero is among the first beauty enthusiasts who has tried it. The mask has 240 LED lights with seven different color options. Each color targets a skin concern such as blue for calming acne, red for stimulating collagen, and green for brightening skin. The Glass Skin Activating Gel and Gold Glow serum go together with the mask.

Click here to visit Love K-Derma’s Instagram for more information.

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Korean Glass Skin. (Photo from South China Morning Post)

Korean Glow – Kamiseta Skin Clinic

South Korea’s skincare trend of glass skin is still here with everyone spending more time indoors and are barely able to get skin radiance from moderate sun exposure. Kamiseta Skin Clinic has a non-invasive treatment called Korean Glow. Chef and restaurateur Happy Ongpauco underwent this procedure that uses radio frequency, which is said to nourish, lighten, and reduce skin discolorations. What you are supposed to get afterward is a “dewy” texture and radiant skin tone.

Click here to visit Kamiseta Skin Clinic’s Instagram for more information.

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