4 Practices For Personal Transformation and Well-Being

Start becoming the best version of yourself with these tips for igniting and deepening your practice with fervor and intention. 

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s August 2023 Issue.

Beauty lies in the harmonious interplay between being and becoming. While “being” grounds us in the present, “becoming” propels us forward. Discover various practices geared towards an ever-unfolding journey of redefining purpose, embracing change, and evolving into the best version of one’s self.


Amanda Griffin Jacob and Karmela Oreta aim to bring an elevated yoga experience through Vida Yoga. Together with their partner Ginger Diaz, they offer diverse options for health and wellness through their shared love of yoga and beyond. Jacob shares, “We find that Filipinos are not as familiar yet in this sphere and we want to help bring awareness and more education here.” 

They recently invited Copper Crow to conduct a workshop on both Hot Yoga and Tibetan Heart Yoga to help Filipinos galvanize them onto the journey while teaching the philosophies. According to Jacob, “Copper has been our teacher for around eight years now, on and off, in Singapore and he really is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I’m not limiting this to yoga either. Copper has a way of connecting with people through his passion for yoga.” 

Vida Yoga Alabang is now open. For information visit vidayogaph.com.


Breath and sleep are often overlooked in achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing. It is not called “The Breath of Life” for nothing. One of the most basic functions of the human body, breathing, not only fuels the body with oxygen, it can also clear a foggy mind and help strengthen the muscles. Yet few people learn how to breathe in a way that allows the body to function the way it should. 

Good thing that this can be learned through Performance Regimen as Denzel So explains, “This is a coaching system that helps people perform under pressure and manage their energy and stress through breath and sleep coaching.” So shares that “Breathwork is a skill on its own and many of us including me were not taught how to regulate ourselves at an early age. We have this preconceived idea that we become victims of stressful environments and situations not knowing that we can choose to be in control only if we want to.” 

To know more about Performance Regimen, follow Instagram @performanceregimen.


Throughout life, we undergo various personal transformations that shape our character, beliefs, and outlook in the world. These transformative experiences can be triggered by significant events, new perspectives, or self-reflection. They provide opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and positive change. 

Personal Transformation
Photo courtesy of Cristina Baron

Buhay Retreats started out as Christina Baron’s passion project in the middle of 2019. She shares, “The year was a tough one and I was always looking for ways to take a break from my daily grind. I joined a yoga retreat in El Nido, Palawan led by one of my favorite teachers and friends. This inspired me to really take this project a step further. When I got back to Manila, I quickly went to work and planned out Buhay’s first retreat for February 2020.” 

The main goal of any retreat is to have you leave feeling better than when you arrived. Whether through various classes or activities or simply appreciating precious time to just focus solely on your mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness, retreats allow oneself to just be.

To know more about Buhay Retreats, follow Instagram @buhayretreats.


There are numerous mental health benefits related to movement, and we are not even referring to exercise here. Whilst we all know intellectually that exercise is good for us, it can be viewed as a chore: another thing to fit in our day, and we aren’t always in a situation that’s conducive to doing it either. However, the truth is that whatever our job, or way of life is, there is always an opportunity to move. 

Movement and mobility may be two key words in David Esteban’s day to day vocabulary. This Level 2 Certified Animal Flow Instructor shares, “I currently teach a class called Primal Mobility, which focuses on developing strength as well as range of motion through mindful movement, incorporating what I have learned from the two disciplines, calisthenics, and my own practice over the years.”

Many contemporary styles of fitness involve primal movements. Calisthenics has primal movements at its heart, making it the foundation of every exercise. Yoga and mixed martial arts have combined primal movements with discipline and natural instincts. Endurance training is even a modern form of practicing natural locomotion. Primal movements can be accessed in any form of activity.

To know more about Primal Mobility, follow Instagram @groove.and.flow. 

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