Best In Class: This Filipino Photographer Joined Taylor Swift And Jillian Robredo in a Notable NYU Graduation - Trending

Xyza Bacani took her shot and it finally paid off.

Aside from Taylor Swift and Jillian Robredo, another New York University (NYU) graduate this year is worthy of an honorable mention.

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Xyza Cruz Bacani takes her turn in the spotlight for her rare journey from domestic helper to documentary photographer.

Now, she graduates with a Masters in Arts and Politics at NYU’s Tisch School, where successfully gained admission without a prior college degree.

“Two years ago NYU was so impressed with her that even without a college degree they accepted her (with scholarship) into the rigorous [program],” Michael Purugganan, professor of Biology and former Dean of Science at NYU, wrote in a Facebook post.

Bacani first drew attention for her images of Filipino migrant workers across the world. International media including The New York Times and CNN have featured her portfolio.

Aside from her observant eye, Bacani possessed firsthand knowledge of life as an overseas Filipino worker. She herself worked as a domestic helper and nanny together with her mother.

This was around the time that award-winning photographer Rick Rocamora discovered her black-and-white shots online. The rest was history.

“I am a scholar and grateful to people who paved the way for me to dream, who saw my potential and extended their generosity… in awe of your beauty and grace… grateful to my mama and papa who taught me kindness and grit,” Bacani posted on social media in light of her achievement.

She narrated her different roles as a descendant, ancestor, and artist, as well as how these relate to her craft.

“I am an artist. I always have been and always will be an artist in service because I am not my circumstances,” Bacani concluded.

Banner Photo via Xyza Cruz Bacani’s Instagram

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