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There’s no better way to signify renewal within your body than introducing it to a delicious blend of organic goodness in one sip

The perception of most people towards change is generally that of a turbulent and unsettling image. Simply put, we’re not accustomed to changes that are too foreign, even if it could bring a positive improvement to our lives in the end. When change is mixed with something that’s a little more familiar, like perhaps, the earthy sweetness of chocolate, or the tangy zing of lemon, our confusion towards change may just shift into excitement, or even hope. This is the rejuvenating sensation that just a single bottle of any Pure Jus blend presents; a delicious hook that will reel you in to making better lifestyle choices for yourself and for others.

A rainbow of flavors

Pure Jus was born in 2013 from the hands of a young woman who realized her dream of maintaining a healthier, stronger body through the art of juicing. Amazingly enough, Pure Jus founder Kristal Hierco Reyes would end up converting her personal dream into a thriving brand that has touched hundreds of people’s lives—and more specifically, stomachs.

Pure Jus founder Kristal Hierco-Reyes lets her confidence shine in both her blends and her renewed body.

It was this conversion that allowed Kristal to get creative in her growing recipe book of juice blends; which now range from the almond, nut milk, and chia seed-filled White Nut Regular Blend, to the tangy, antioxidant filled Immunity Booster Max from their highly successful “Healing Series” Blends. Pure Jus even sports its own “Gold Series” edition of blends which are a couple of steps above their Premium blends in terms of ingredients and health benefits.

With Pure Jus, whether you depend on your taste buds or health needs to decide on what to drink, the juice options for you are close to endless.

Staying true to her roots

Despite providing such a vast variety of blends for her clients, Reyes remains plugged in to her original commitment of sourcing only the finest ingredients for her brand’s juices; a major key to Pure Jus’s overall success thus far. 

Whether it’s fruits, vegetables, nuts, or seeds, all produce used by the brand is organic and a majority of it is locally grown, ensuring each bottle is free from harmful preservatives or unnecessary sweeteners.

A surplus of goodness

Such a commitment also means that you will be able to make full use of the blend’s natural health-boosting benefits in the body such as its cell-defending antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. 

Apart from the much-needed health boosting, Pure Jus drinkers may also receive cosmetic benefits from a consistent consumption of the blends. Kapuso actor Paolo Contis himself even found that after just weeks of committing to the brand’s premium detox plan, he found a host of visible body changes brought about by the juices such as skin-tone improvement, weight loss, and a reduction of wrinkles. Perhaps the fountain of youth actually resides in a Pure Jus blender.

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Pure Jus makes it clear that their products are no magic potions. However, they are proud of the fact that each bottle of their blends is an honest, great-tasting juice drink that brings clear health advantages. Perhaps the magic in Pure Jus lies in its natural, untainted sensibilities; the endorphins an organic juice invokes that not only motivates you to take your first steps in physical, healthy change, but also inspires you to stay committed to it.

Interested in a bottle of Pure Jus? Visit their official website, or follow them at their official Instagram page for the latest updates.

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